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Oxidation number of carbon in (NH4)2C2O4

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    What is the Oxidation Number of Carbon and Nitrogen In this compound (NH4)2C2O4?? i think the oxidation number of carbon is (+4) and Nitrogen is (-4).
    am i true?? or not?
    Note:this is not a homework.
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    I can't judge whether you are true :-)
    I only can tell you that you are wrong.
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    Can you tell me why and where ??
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    So let's take NH4-: H has oxidation number +1 and the oxidation numbers have to sum up to the total charge of the ion, -1. That gives -3 for nitrogen. Same argument with C2O42-: Oxygen has oxidation number -2. Leaves me with +3 for carbon.
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    @DrDu - confusing typo in your post, it is NH4+ - unless it was premeditated :wink:
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    Thank you guys. I thought that carbon has a oxidation number of +4 in this compound.
    Thank you so much for help.
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