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P-adic norm, valuation, and expansion

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    In this book I'm working from (P-adic numbers: An introduction by Fernando Gouvea), he gives an explanation of the p-adic expansion of a rational number which I'm pretty sure I understand this, but a bit later he talks about the p-adic absolute value, which from what I understand is the same as the norm. He defines the valuation like this:
    Which I can understand that, my interpretation is that this is basically another way of decomposing an integer that emphasizes the prime factor that we care about. So ##v_p(n)## is just the exponent on p in the the prime factorization of n.

    Then he discusses the p-adic absolute value, and in short he defines it as
    |x|_p=p^{-\alpha}\text{ if } p^{\alpha}|x\\
    |x|_p=1 \text{ if }p\not|\text{ } x

    I'm a little foggy as to how these 3 things are related. I'm pretty sure he defines the valuation the way he does for the proof that ##|x|_p## is a metric. But I don't see how the expansions are related.
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    I've resolved this question. When we find the p-adic expansion we can directly read off the value of the p-adic norm. Numbers whose p-adic norms are equal to 1 correspond to the numbers who p-adic expansions have a non-zero constant term.
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