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Paper Pointing To Danger At LHC?

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    Sorry to bug you all, but I have a question to ask. I have a bit of a worrying problem, so when I first heard about the LHC, some of the fear mongering got to me. However, after some research, my worrying nearly ceased. However, I ran into this paper today, and it says there may be a bit of a risk with the LHC. I don't have the knowledge to assess the paper, could someone please explain it to me and tell me if there's any reason to worry? Again, sorry for disturbing a forum full of very intelligent people with my (perhaps trivial) worries.

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    The Earth is bombarded with particles of far higher energies than the LHC can produce, and this has been going on for the existence of the Earth - which still seems a pretty habitable place (in most locations). The production and capture of quantum black holes by this method (uncontrolled as it is) has not yet destroyed the planet. I think you can sleep well...
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    i think it's a glorious way for this little planet earth to end.

    we either move forward and risk death or stagnate.

    there is only one option as far as i am concerned...
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