Parallelepiped only cutting 4 faces vertically

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I was just wondering how I can start out with a parallelepiped only cutting 4 faces vertically, at right angles to the edges I cut through & rearrange the pieces so that I can get rectangular box so that the volume is the area of the base times the height. I have done the first cut, a cut vertically down the middle that is perpendicular to the top and bottom then put the right half on the left hand side of the left half, now the new outsides are vertical and the parallel faces are in the middle together. Can someone help me with the 3 remaining cuts and rearranging them to make a rectangular box so the volume of this can be the area of the base times the height.


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If it's all regular, you can cut the left, turn it and place it under the right face. Then do the same with front and back. Seems as if two cuts will be enough. Except you have another parallelepiped in mind, in which case we need more details.

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