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Parallelizing Crank-Nicolson method

  1. Aug 6, 2007 #1
    Hello all,
    I'm trying to learn more about parallelizing the Crank-Nicolson method. Can anyone point me to websites on this subject?

    Thank you.

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    What programming language would be used?

    I am not sure that there is a website that addresses parallelization of C-N, but there are probably specific reports and journal articles.

    C-N is used for solving several types of PDE's including heat transfer and Schrödinger's equation. Parallelization depends on the equation being solved.
  4. Aug 8, 2007 #3
    I will be using C and I'll most likely be using Crank-Nicolson for heat equations.
  5. Apr 5, 2008 #4
    Do you know how to solve it in C, if so can u give me the codes
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