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Homework Help: Particle motion described by a time dependent function x(t)

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    how would i do this...
    A particle moving along the x-axis has its position described by the function x=( 2.00 t^{3}- 5.00 t+ 1.00 )\; {\rm m}, where t is in s. At t= 4.00 , what are the particle's position- i calculated that to be 109m , velocity, and acceleration?

    i have tried for over an hour on this one problem. i am clueless. my physics book sucks!
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    Show some work, so we can point out what's wrong.

    Btw, for the position at t=4, you already have the x(t) (position function), for velocity and acceleration, look up the definitions.

    [tex] v = \dot{x} [/tex]

    [tex] a = \dot{v} = \ddot{x} [/tex]
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