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Particles of the most recent Solar ejection.

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    Rob D

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    Could someone comment on the particle constituents of the most recent "solar storm". A look at the films of the SOHO observatory show very marked particle trails on the photo-active medium shortly after a large explosion of 1429.

    The print media made mention of two earth observations, one of particles which arrived in 8 minutes (no, I don't believe it either) followed by magnetic waves which arrived somewhat later.

    Astrophysicistsists, know the straight of it?

    Many Thanks,
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    Which recent event? There have been several, so please specify the date. Sunspot 1429 continues to be active.

    Sunspot 1432 far left, 1429 and 1430 upper right, and 1428 lower right.

    Catalog of reports - http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpmenu/forecasts.html [Broken]
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