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Particles - subparticles - subsubparticles

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    Why recent particle physicists don’t consider models of particles (quarks, leptons)
    built from more light subparticles?
    Is there problems of principle
    or the available experimental data don’t need similar models?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Before you ask why something is so, uiut's a good idea to find out if it is so. The LHC experiments have published about a dozen papers searching for such things. And not finding them.
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    As an example, there were the old preon models but the binding energies well exceeded quark, lepton rest masses. More recently, new preon models are coming from q-deformed LQG where "preon configurations" come about by an entirely different mechanism and so does not necessarily suffer from the drawback of the old models.
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    but afaik there has not been much progress (or even research activities) over the last couple of years
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    Yes - afaik.
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    If something is not forbidden, it is possible.

    I find preon hypothesis interesting, but not sufficiently deep.
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