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Parts, componets, and things that do stuff

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    Parts, componets, and things that "do stuff"

    Hi guys!

    I'm actually an electrical engineering student, but I figured this might be more applicable here. I'm trying to find websites that are good for ordering parts such as bearings, shafts, gears, chains, cogs, and more. I'm planning on incorporating these items into simple robot designs; I've seen lots of "robot" sites with plenty of servo motors, but I'm having trouble finding anything really beyond this.

    So, what sites do you like to order parts from? :)


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    Re: Parts, componets, and things that "do stuff"

    For one-stop shopping for things that "do stuff" -

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    Re: Parts, componets, and things that "do stuff"

    While McMaster-Carr is the most awesome-est company and website ever, you do have to be a bit careful in that they can add a good bit on to the price of some basic things. This is coming from someone who uses them on almost a daily basis, so I have a pretty good idea on this. Just do yourself a favor and shop around if you are watching your pennies. In a lot of cases, the convenience and extremely fast turnaround time is worth the extra bucks.

    Other sites are:
    Small Parts.com
    Cole Parmer
    Applied Industrial
    Motion Industries

    I'll try to think of more later. It's tough without my work bookmarks in front of me.
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