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Passing a black hole from double slit experiment setup

  1. Feb 3, 2015 #1

    Theoretically any object can convert into black hole by compressing its mass below some radius( describe by Schwarzschild Radius). Suppose one of this object after becoming black hole have radius
    which is comparable to atoms and nucleus radius. Now my question is what will happen if we pass this object into double slit experiment setup (single black hole at a time). Shall we get interference pattern on detector wall because of its radius in quantum domain ( say we somehow know when on detector screen this black hole will hit) or simple particle like pattern (i.e. classical way ) because of mass associated with that black hole???
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    Sounds like a possibly interesting question. I don't have any answer but I would point out that it is believed that a BH that small would evaporate, almost as soon as it was formed, from Hawking Radiation.
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    It sounds like we need a theory of quantum gravity to answer this, but my guess is that you will get a standard interference pattern. My guess is that at quantum scales, there is no difference between a black hole and a point particle, and the weird behavior of black holes disappears at small scales and is replaced by particle behavior. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole_electron
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    I just added remarks to this wiki page. Mainly, the smaller a charge contribution the higher the energy of its Coulomb field. For a black hole with electron mass and charge this energy reaches a ludicrous value, so I think this is a shaky concept.
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    I guess if the black hole has a suitable momentum value h/lambda an interference pattern would be observed.
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