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PDE as a corequisite for Quantum mechanics A

  1. Dec 17, 2006 #1

    I'll be taking Quantum Mechanics A, Electromagnetic Theory I and PDE next semester. However, in the course description, PDE is a corequisite for QM and Electromagnetic. I wanted to know what PDE topic should I read up on during the holiday that i might encounter in QM or EM before the actual PDE course.
    Well, actually i wanted to know all the PDE topics that will be used in QM and EM before the semester start. I think it's easier to learn physics if you take care of the math first.

    btw, QM and EM classes use David Griffin's book, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Introduction to Electrodynamics.

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    you really don't have to understand PDE to understand Griffith's QM or EM. The toughest thing you will come across is separation of variables, which you can master in an hour or two.
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    reading up on the wave equation might help some, since it is a fairly simple intro to separation of variables, boundary-value problems, etc. I agree you don't need much PDE's to start reading griffiths QM (though other books seem to assume more)

    Alternatively, if you have time, reading up on fourier series is probably a good idea as well.
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