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Pentagon plans cyber-insect army

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Ivan Seeking

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    You know, that's not all one might do with remote controlled wasps.
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    They have scary stuff in darpa.
    Most of the are from the Defense Sciences Office:

    More examples:

    "http://www.darpa.mil/dso/thrust/biosci/hand.htm" [Broken]
    fundamental research basis to enable the use of brain activity to provide closed loop (motor commands out, sensor feedback in) for prosthetic devices. Additional technical challenges include methods for non-invasive sensors of brain activity and approaches for inputting sensory feedback into the nervous system.

    "http://www.darpa.mil/dso/thrust/biosci/neovision.htm" [Broken]
    The Neovision Program has a goal of using synthetic materials for a retinal prosthesis to enable signal transduction at the nerve/retina interface. Creative use of materials and design may allow this
    transduction, and the initial phase will address the interface and signal transfer mechanism.

    "http://www.darpa.mil/dso/thrust/biosci/psp.htm" [Broken]
    The goal of the Preventing Sleep Deprivation Program is to define and implement approaches to prevent the harmful effects of sleep deprivation, and to provide methods for recovery of function with particular emphasis on cognitive and psychomotor impairments. Among the approaches currently under investigation include novel pharmaceuticals that enhance neural transmission, nutraceuticals that promote neurogenesis, cognitive training, and devices such as transcranial magnetic stimulation

    "http://www.darpa.mil/dso/thrust/biosci/biodynotics.htm" [Broken]The Biologically Inspired Multifunctional Dynamic Robotics (BIODYNOTICS) Program represents
    a thrust area for DSO comprising a multidisciplinary, multi-pronged approach with far-reaching impact on robotic capabilities for national security applications. BIODYNOTICS will explore the following areas

    http://www.darpa.mil/dso/programs.htm [Broken]
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    More info & a good critique from biologist blogger PZ Myers...
    http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2006/03/i_for_one_will_welcome_our_cyb.php [Broken]
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