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People of Walmart the funniest site in a long time

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    Who needs a whole shirt anyway?

    http://peopleofwalmart.com/?p=52 [Broken]
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    ...like watching a train wreck...
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    I can't believe people go out in public looking like that.
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    Fantastic!! All the joys of people watching at wal-mart without having to find a parking spot.

    I've seen a lot of weird stuff at wal-mart and expected most of that, but the old guy in the purple shirt was shocking.
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    There are odd and funny looking people all over, not just at wal-mart. I'd say that wal-mart rednecks are probably pretty tame in comparison to most weirdos. Well except for that guy with the fake breasts anyway.
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    I have long been frightened by WalMart People. Now I have definitive proof as to why.
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    Doesn't work for me now.
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    I'm SO glad I live near a university. Most of the people in the Walmart here are just university students trying to find cheap stuff for their dorm rooms or apartments, so not so scary. But, yeah, there used to be one further from campus that has closed that used to attract people like those in the photos by the droves. I don't know what possesses someone to wear a shirt that shows off their midriff if they are a good 50 lbs or more overweight with a giant belly roll. Maybe they're all the nudists who only put on as much clothing as is minimally required to enter the store (the sign does say "no shirt, no shoes, no service" ...it doesn't say anything about pants or how much the shirt must cover). *shudders*
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    Try it later. It has become one of the most popular websites on the net over the past week or so and their servers are being overloaded with the massive amount of traffic that is coming through.
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