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Percent area of the universe is galaxy?

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    %area of the universe is galaxy?

    I'm trying to determine the approximate percentage of the universe's area that is made up of galaxies for a question I was asked earlier this week. I have been looking everywhere and can not find any information of use. Can someone please help?
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    Re: %area of the universe is galaxy?

    Try critical density of the universe.
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    Re: %area of the universe is galaxy?

    Thank you. That is just what I needed
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    Re: %area of the universe is galaxy?

    Estimated number of galaxies in observable universe is N = 175 X 109, assuming average volume of each 22/7*100000*100000*30000 i.e. v = 9.25 X 1014 cubic light years. Total volume occupied by galaxies = N X V = 1618.75 X 1023 cubic light years.

    Compare this with volume of observable universe = 4.1 × 1032 cubic light years.

    The Hubble Ultra Deep Field shows 10000 galaxies, but still the photo is mostly black (space).

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