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PF lets you delete a message compared to whatsapp

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    Whatsapp having so many developers can't solve this issue of deleting a sent message.
    Whereas, PF lets you allow to delete a message after it has been delivered also.
    How's that possible?
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    Where do you see this delete ability?
  4. Dec 5, 2015 #3
    In general discussion forum.
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    You can see a delete option? For example you can delete on of these posts?
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    Delete this post for me
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    Are you using the mobile app or browser?
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    Actually now that I see, this is by design. We allow self deleting of posts but not threads.
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    But how one can self delete a post after it has been delivered? That is not the case in whatsapp.
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    whatsapp is a messaging service, but even still if they wanted to give you that feature they could, for some reason they don't. Technically they can.
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    They say that once a message is delivered it retains in site's server.
    Even if you delete it, it would not be shown on your page but others can see it.
    But here in PF it is other way round. How that's possible in any type of social network?
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    I think it's just how whatsapp wants to work. We are a threaded forum, they are an instant messaging app
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    Even in facebook this delete option not works. That is not an instant messaging site.
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    Deleting posts on forum type sites is not a technical difficulty, it's something that the original coders of a site either permit or don't permit.
    The messages themselves reside in a database and like any database. items may optionally be removed, (but only if the user has the correct DB access privileges).

    My experience with this site is that one can edit or delete one's own message for a limited amount of time after posting it, then the option disappears.
    It's quite common for sites to have not have a delete option at all for normal users, and in some cases not even an edit option.
    No delete and or No edit function is basically an anti-trolling policy measure, and may or may not be thought necessary depending on the nature of the site and it's visitors.

    Moderators of a forum or similar site have elevated DB access privileges and can delete or edit any posts where there is considered a good reason for that.
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    Message boards and messaging services are fundamentally different from each other. A message board is like a public bulletin board. The messages are posted and can be removed. A messaging service delivers a message directly to another person. Even if you wanted to delete it it wouldn't be possible because the person has already received it and has control over it. What you are suggesting would be like sending someone a letter in the mail and then breaking into their house after they received it and stealing it off their desk. Of course, even if you did that, you have no way of knowing if they already made a copy of it.
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