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Programs PhD Applications - Worry about email replies!

  1. Nov 28, 2011 #1
    I live in the UK and I am hoping to start a PhD next October, so currently I am emailing potential supervisors about projects which I usually start off with a cover letter and a CV, however I don't seem to be getting any replies back! This includes some professors who I have emailed before sending them the CV email and they always seem quick to get back to me and it has been nearly a week (I wrote a big batch last mon/tues).

    So people who have been through PhD applications, is this normal or do I need to start thinking of tactful ways of following these up without being too annoying :)
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    It is pretty normal. Most professors have a lot on their plate, and get many e-mails (some spurious or from candidates who don't have a shot at getting in to their school) this time of year.
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    a professor told me he gets 100 emails about phd postition or postdoc from india and iran per week.
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    Man, I can't even get my professors to respond to me, let alone ones from other unis.

    Undergrads are something less than human.

    try CCing a lot of people into the email. They might answer if they think oter people are watching.
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