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Programs PhD in science & technology education, but postdoc in pure science

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    Is this the right subforum?

    This is my friend's question but he is not very fluent in English. He has a bachelor degree in biology and now he is working towards a PhD in science (biology-oriented) and technology education in a Southeast Asian university. However, it seems that his true desire is to do pure science researches e.g. molecular biology, stem cell, in USA or UK as a postdoc. And he is worried that a PhD in science education will be a problem. Is there any advice? How much a university care about his degree? What should he do now to prepare for an application? perhaps he should work on a pure science-related research?

    If you need more information, I have to ask from him. Thank.
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    Or I should say: forget about the asian university. What do you think in general about going from a PhD in science education to a postdoc in pure biology research?
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