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Programs PhD Prof paid less than grade 11

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    I don't know how things work in Canada, but in the US you'll see such oddities when the local paper gets bored and reports salaries at our university too. The catch is that only the portion of one's salary paid by public funds is reportable through the FOIA, so it doesn't reflect the rest of someone's salary that may be paid through private endowments (for example, in public records, it looks like our dept chair makes close to as much as our football coach, when the reality is that the football coach makes many times more than that salary, just all of the rest comes from athletic funds that are private money, not state or federally funded).
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    Well, you should look at some other countries where a University professor with PhD, is payed twice less than a cleanser at the post office. This sucks!
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    well, sadly, cleaning sutff up is more useful in society than knowing about bosons and the strong nuclear force.
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    I know that assistant professor at a regional state school in Kansas pays less than I'm making as a Master's holding second-year high school teacher.
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    What kind of assistant professor? The real money in Kansas is in Intelligent Design.
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    That's awful :rofl:
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    Anyway, I think the keyword in the original post is "director". Management is almost always paid more than non-management, regardless of the education required.
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    Having been department chairman a couple of times, I have great respect for people who really can manage other people effectively. They deserve every penny they get.
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    not really many of them are in the range of 65-75K and they are not reported since Salary Disclosure applies only to those earning over 100K
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    Absolutely. I've met dozens if not hundreds of good engineers and researchers during my career. If you cut off a finger for every good manager I've met, I could still bowl.
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    Hmm I didn't know that the profs at the University of Toronto Physics Department were so well paid. I looked up the salaries of all the "young-looking" faculty and they all seem to make over 100K.

    But I bet that 50K is withheld due to Canadian taxes.
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    There's a U Toronto prof on that list that moved there from my university about 5 years ago. He's making a lot more there than he would be here. I don't know what salary he started at, but he's an excellent theorist, so may have climbed up fast.
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    You know, once upon a time you could joke about those salaries being in Canadian dollars...
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    Based on a few articles I've read, the brain drain in the 90's nudged Canada to make effort to retain and attact bright talents, and during the 2000's climbing of funding directly related to research funding is begining to reverse the trend, where now researchers are being attracted to Canada. And it looks like from oppinions(and the data sheet) taken from this thread, their salaries have been increasing as well.

    Not to mention many Universities in Canada are very underrated, overshadowed by the big name universities down south. University of Toronto paying high salaries shouldn't be surprising because it is actually comparable to top 30 Universities around the world. (even sometimes top 10-20 when looking at natural and applied sciences) based on rankings available around the internet.

    Side note for the curious:
    As far as taxes go, these 6 figure salaries stand in the highest tax bracket, so it will come down to (rough esitmate) 40-45%, and probably 35-40% if they are married. But most would choose to take a chunk of their salaries out to their Registerd Retirement Savings Plan, which means they can reduce their taxes even more, down to the 30's

    And I'm sure these profs have gotten loop holes figured out to pay less taxes.
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    Please try to understand those salaries are not as high as they should be comparing Grade 7 graduate working as Maintenance Manager for Dog Food Industry and making $118000.00/yr plus $20000.00 bonus pay, or Millwright working for Hydro One and making $117000.00/yr
    while my math professor with PhD in math and engineering physics from University of Waterloo is not on the Salary Disclosure list because he earned $89000.00/yr and he has 6 yrs experience, so sad.
    It's soooooooo embarrassing.
    Should we study?

    *****NO, I am not going to cling to my books for the whole week I will be on strike!
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    Regardless no one should do their undergraduate physics work at the U of T Physics Department. Because the best place you will be able to get into grad school with your crappy GPA will be at U of T.
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    pornographers like hugh hefner make more too. pay is not related to quality, it is related to demand.
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    I dont see the problem, $89 000 is not enough for you? Okay so a maintenance manager makes 6 figures, what about the rest of the people who are not professors or maintenance managers, what about grade 7 graduate who works minimum wage at mcdonalds? what about 90% of the other people who get paid roughly by their level of education?
    on the other hand, what about a economics dean who makes $225 000 a year? or a dean of college of surgeons who make 300k? do they sound more fitting to you?

    you will find people doing all kinds of stuff and make a wide range of income doing it, If i could get paid $40 000 to do what I absolutely love, I wouldnt give a nack to trade my plase with my neighbor bus driver who works over times and weekends to earn $120 k a year.
    Sure, be a little concerned if it takes 10 years to get a PhD, and you make minimum wage, money is important too, but saying that 89k is too little? Can you even be sure that 10% of people you know personally makes more than that?

    I am sounding a little harsh, I am just frustrated that you might be serious. But don't take it personally, you hold your right to your oppinion.
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