What is Grade 11: Definition and 124 Discussions

Eleventh grade, junior year, or grade 11 (called Year 12 in Wales and England) is the eleventh, and for some countries final, grade of secondary schools. Students are typically 16–17 years of age, depending on the country and the students' birthdays.

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  1. I

    Grade 11 Question: Newton's Third Law -- Calculating acceleration of an airboat

    for c) i need help d) Given: Let [forward] be positive. F 1 = — 250 N F 2 = 360 N Unknown: a = ? Equation: F net= F1+ F2 F net= m a Solve: F net= (— 250 N) + 360 N = 110 N F net= m a a = F net/ m = 110 N / 220 kg= 0.5 m/s [forward] Statement: The acceleration of the boat is 0.5 m/s [forward].
  2. T

    MHB Pre-calculus Grade 11 IB (higher level)

    Can anyone explain how to solve this question, please? The answer is a=5 & b=7, but I don't understand how to solve it. The graph of function f(x) = ax + b is transformed by the following sequence: translation by (1) (meaning 1 horizontal, 2 vertical) (2)...
  3. A

    A ferry boat is crossing a river that is 8.5 x 10^2 m wide.

    Homework Statement A ferry boat is crossing a river that is 8.5 x 10^2 m wide. The average velocity of the water relative to the shore is 3.8 m/s E and the average velocity of the boat relative to the water is 4.9 m/s S. How long does it take for the boat to get across? Homework EquationsThe...
  4. Z

    Grade 11 Math Help Quadratic functions/ physics

    1. Determine the equation that represents the relationship between the power and the current when the electric potential difference is 24v and the resistance is 1.5 Ω. 2. Draw a graph of the parabola that corresponds to the equation found in (a). 3. Determine the current needed in order for...
  5. CAT 2

    The angle and distance of a projection - Grade 11 physics

    Homework Statement A water balloon is fired 34 m/s from a water cannon, which is aimed at an angle of 18° above the ground. The centre of the cannon's target (which has a radius of 1.0m) is painted on the asphalt 42m away from the water cannon. a) Will the balloon hit the target? Justify your...
  6. Sainvictus

    Examine the following circuit. Now complete the table.

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  7. T

    Average Force of two people pushing away on carts

    Homework Statement What is the Average Force between m1 and m2. Show all work. Note that the masses are both at rest, and begin to push off of each other in opposite directions. Their velocity is measured when they reach 20cms distance. (I calculated the velocity when they reached this point...
  8. aatari

    Grade 11 Motion Question -- An object is pushed from rest across a sheet of ice

    I have solved the question below and was wondering someone can have a look at it and give some feedback, please. Homework Statement An object is pushed from rest across a sheet of ice, accelerating at 5.0 m/s2 over a distance of 80.0 cm. The object then slides with a constant speed for 4.0 s...
  9. P

    What Happens to Kinetic Energy in Inelastic Collisions in Space?

    Let's say that 2 objects inelastically collided in outer space. One has a Mass of 2kg, and velocity 5m/s. The other has a Mass of 4kg, and velocity is 0m/s. ( at rest) 1) Energy cannot be created or destroyed. (Energy is conserved) 2) Momentum is conserved. Total Momentum before was (2x5) +...
  10. Lil Uzi Vert

    Calculating Maximum Height of an Arrow with Loss of Mechanical Energy

    Homework Statement A 125 - G arrow is shot vertically upwards with a Vi of 28/ms. Assuming a 20% loss in Mechanical Energy while ascending, what maximum height above the position it was shot does it reach? Homework Equations Vi= 28m/s Vf= O m/s D= ? a= -9.8 m/s Vf^2= Vi^2 + 2aD Eg = mgh Ek =...
  11. Lil Uzi Vert

    How to Calculate Energy Change for Lifting an Object on Earth and the Moon?

    Homework Statement A person performs 6.1 J of work to lift an object without acceleration to a particular height on Earth. Write an equation describing that energy change and analyze it to determine how different the energy would be required to lift the same object to the same height on the...
  12. S

    A child pulls a wagon by the handle along a flat sidewalk.

    Homework Statement A child pulls a trolley by the handle along a flat sidewalk. She exerts a force of 80.0 N at an angle of 30.0° above the horizontal while she moves the wagon 12 m forward. The force of friction on the trolley is 34 N. Homework Equations (a) Calculate the mechanical work done...
  13. joshua cruwys

    Examine the circuit and answer the questions grade 11 physics

    http://s880.photobucket.com/user/nipplebum/media/ATT00001%2010.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 1. Homework Statement find the unknown poles, draw the magnetic field around the conductor, and determine the direction of the force acting on the conductor. Homework Equations N/a The Attempt at a Solution...
  14. T

    Grade 11 Thermodynamics Question

    Homework Statement You add 50 g of steam at 150 degrees centigrade to 50 g of ice at negative five degrees centigrade. What is the final temperature? Homework Equations Q = mLfv Q = mcΔT The Attempt at a Solution Qg = Ql Q1 + Q2 = -Q3 - Q4 mLf + mcΔT = -mLv + mcΔT [ΔT will be negative, making...
  15. Erin Pashanov

    B How long to travel 150m at 26m/s with an acceleration of -2.5m/s^2?

    Driving along a steady speed of 26m/s and suddenly see a child 150m from you. Breaks can produce acceleration of -2.5m/s^2 but it takes time to get the foot from the gas to the brake pedal. How much time do you have, if to avoid hitting the child?
  16. E

    Beat frequency and length question. (grade 11)

    Homework Statement Two pipes, Identical in length and closed at one end are producing notes. You are very, very annoyed because the notes are creating an audible beat frequency of 20Hz. If one pipe is producing a note at 10Hz and the temperature is 15C (which correlates to a speed of sound of...
  17. W

    Grade 11 Energy Transformation with External Forces

    1. Question. A 15 kg child slides from rest, down a playground slide that is 4.0m long. The slide makes a 40degree angle with the horizontal. The child's speed at the bottom is 3.2 m/s. What was the force that the slide was exerting on the child? Answer: 75 N [up the slide] 2. My Attempt. Ek...
  18. E

    Exploring Challenging Questions in Grade 11 Nuclear Physics Curriculum

    Hey guys, wasn't too sure where I should post this but here goes: Im currently taking a grade 11 introductory physics course in Ontario, Canada. We are currently learning the basics of nuclear physics. For most units, I'm able to foresee the thinking (hard) questions our teachers usually point...
  19. H

    How to find Coefficient of Friction w/ Fa and mass?

    Homework Statement A team of six poodles are pulling a 14.0 kg sled at 8.0 m/s IF the dogs are applying a 66N force, find the coefficient of kinetic friction Homework Equations Ff=u*Fn Fnet=ma Fnet=(-Ff)+FaThe Attempt at a Solution I honestly have no clue where to start for this question.
  20. D

    Is this Free-Body Diagram Correct?

    Homework Statement I have to draw a free body diagram representing the motion of an object @ a given point in time. This diagram is for section 1. It's of a 1.25 kg cart with a 0.6 kg can attached to it with a pulley-system. When the can drops, the cart begins to move. In section one, when the...
  21. X

    Could someone me out ? grade 11 physics ?

    Homework Statement A 2 kg sponge is dropped from rest, pulled down by gravity. how fast will it be traveling in 6 seconds, with a 5 N force of air resistance acting on it ? Homework Equations vf= vi+ gt (im just guessing coz I am not sure ) The Attempt at a Solution the speed in 6 seconds...
  22. S

    Grade 11 Chemistry Problem about a Nonreaction

    Homework Statement If there is a reaction, write out the chemical equation for Hg(NO3)2(aq) + CH3COONa(aq) Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution The answer says that there is no reaction. I have absolutely no idea why not.
  23. T

    How much work is done on a crate pushed along an incline with constant velocity?

    Homework Statement 40 kg crate is pushed at a constant velocity along an incline with a vertical height of 4 m and inclined distance of 7 m. How much work was done on the crate in moving it to the top of the ramp? For the incline, think of a right angle triangle with the 7 m being the...
  24. T

    What is the mass of the second asteroid?

    Homework Statement A 4.7x10^3 kg asteroid is acted on by a gravitational force of 2.0x10^2 N from another asteroid that is 3.0x10^2 km (3.0x10^5 m) away. What is the mass of the second asteroid? Homework Equations The equations we have been working with are in which G is 6.67*10-11Nm^2/Kg^2...
  25. M

    Displacement word problem grade 11

    [b]1. while driving a lady sees a cat run on the road and it takes her 0.80s to react and put her foot on the brake. her car is traveling 25 m/s. (a)how far will the car travel before she puts her foot on the brake and (b) if when the brake is applied the car decelerates at a uniform rate of 9.3...
  26. T

    Is My Solution to the Grade 11 Physics Problem Correct?

    Find the acceleration of the system Ff= u(Fn) Fnet=ma I would just like to know if the way that I solved this problem is correct.
  27. T

    How to get a head start to grade 11?

    Grade 11 courses to become a pediatrician Hi, I would like to pursue a career in the medical area and would like to become a pediatrician. I just submitted my courses for grade 11...and I would like to go to mcmaster university. Here are my courses: 1. Functions (math) 2. Chemistry 3...
  28. U

    Can Friction Reveal If an Object Is Moving?

    Homework Statement An object experiences a friction force, Ff, of 6.6 N and a normal force, Fn, of 30.0 N. a) What is the coefficient of friction, μ? b) Is the object moving? How do you know? Homework Equations μ = Ff / Fn The Attempt at a Solution I understand how to get...
  29. R

    Grade 11 Physics Final Project. Help (Kinematics)

    Grade 11 Physics Final Project. Help! (Kinematics) first of all, I am new to the forum. and i was wondering if i should post this on homework forum or general physics. then i decided to post it here. so i have been working on a final project for my grade 11 physics. the teacher wants us...
  30. H

    Grade 11 Physics Problem - Vectors and Water Currents

    Homework Statement Sandra needs to deliver 20 cases of celery to the farmer's market directly east across the river, which is 32 km wide. Her boat can move 2.5 km/h in still water. The river has a current of 1.2 km/h flowing downstream, which happens to be moving in a southerly direction...
  31. Z

    Grade 11 Sound Intensity Question

    Homework Statement If Phrank's new speakers produce a sound of 90dB at 10m, a) How many decibels would be required for the sound to be one hundred times the intensity? b) How close would Phrank need to stand for the intensity to be at 60dB? Homework Equations β2 - β1 = 10 log...
  32. M

    Grade 11 Physics Projectile Motion Question

    Homework Statement A cannonball is launched at 90.0m/s at an angle of 60.0° above the horizontal from the top of a tower that is 38.0m high. How far away from the tower does it land if the ground is level?Homework Equations Vix=90.0m/s X Cos60 Viy=90.0m/x X Sin60The Attempt at a Solution I used...
  33. Z

    Grade 11 Forces Help: Acceleration, Friction & Unit Test Prep

    Homework Statement Answer included: Homework Equations Ff = μFn, where mu can be kinetic or static. Fnet = ma Fg = mg I think that's it. The Attempt at a Solution I got the first part, I need help with acceleration. There's no evidence that I tried the second part I guess, as...
  34. M

    How Long to Travel 12m at 0.20m/s² Starting at 3.0m/s?

    Homework Statement Accelerating uniformly at a rate of 0.20m/s^2 from initial velocity of 3.0m/s, how long will it take to travel a distance of 12m Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Answer is 3.5 seconds But I don't know how you get that Also another question...
  35. M

    Grade 11 Physics, Need resources

    Hi, I just started gr 11 physics, and I need help. I don't really understand the concepts being given and I want to learn more, so if you have any good websites or books that will help me, please list them Thank you!
  36. J

    Grade 11 Question: finding launch angle

    The Question: A water balloon is fired 34 m/s from a water cannon, which is aimed at an angle of 18° above the ground. The centre of the cannon's target (which has a radius of 1.0m) is painted on the asphalt 42m away from the water cannon. a) Will the balloon hit the target? Justify your...
  37. J

    What is the total displacement of a delivery truck given its route and time?

    A delivery truck drives 14.0 km [E], 6.0 km [N], 12.0 km [ N 15° E], and then 2.0 km [N 65° E]. This takes him 42 minutes. Calculate the truck's distance and displacement. When you draw this diagram you basically get two triangles. One large triangle and one smaller triangle. You need to...
  38. S

    Grade 11 Physics: Motion project help/ideas?

    Hi guys, This might seem like a rather ambiguous question but I have a physics project on motion that I need to do. It is rather a big project accounting for a weighting of around 15-17% of my total year mark. Now here's the thing I need to find something to investigate/experiment with...
  39. F

    Grade 11 Intro to Physics question - distance a football travels

    Homework Statement How far will a football travel when it is thrown at 62 km/h at an angle of 35° to the ground? Homework Equations V1v = v1 sinθ; Δd= V1v * Δt + 1/2 * (-9.8 m/s^2) * Δt^2; The Attempt at a Solution V1v = v1 sinθ V1v = 17.2 m/s sin35° [up] =9.9 m/s [up] Δd= = V1v...
  40. M

    Incomplete Dominance Question Grade 11 Need an biology expert

    Homework Statement Hey guys... The palomino horse results from the combination of two incompletely dominant genes, one codes for the colour chestnut and the other for cream. Determine the expected genotypic and phenotypic ratios for the following crosses: a.)chestnut and cream b.)palomino...
  41. C

    Grade 11 Heat Capacity question

    Homework Statement a 0.20kg lead shot is heated to 90 degrees celsius and dropped into an ideal calorimeter containing 0.50kg of water initially at 20 degrees celsius. What is the final equilibrium temperature of the lead shot? The specific heat capacity of lead is 128 Joules/(kg degrees...
  42. R

    Grade 11 physic problem; calculating heat transfers?

    Homework Statement What will be the equilibrium temperature when a 245-g block of copper at 285° c is placed in a 145 g aluminium calorimeter cup containing 825 g of water at 12°c? Homework Equations q=mcΔt qlost+qgained=0 -qlost=qgained -m1c1t1=m2c2t2 The Attempt at a Solution...
  43. J

    Physics project, Grade 11, Help

    Physics project, Grade 11, Help :) Hello everyone, I am new to this site so forgive me if anything I say is wrong or faulty. In my grade 11 physics class, we have been assingned a project, one that we choose what our focus will be. I have chosen to dive into the field of robotics and the first...
  44. C

    Easy N2L question grade 11 physics

    Easy N2L question... grade 11 physics Problem: A 500g dynamics cart is attached to a 50g mass, which is suspended over a pulley. When released from rest, it took 1.5 s for the cart to move a distance of 1m. Find: a) acceleration of cart, b) friction between cart and track...
  45. G

    Calculating Work and Distance for a Braking Automobile

    Homework Statement an autombile 2200kg moves with a velocity of 32m/s on a level road. a comstant braking force of 6000N is applied to the automobile wheels bringing it to a stop eventually a) what distance will the vehicle travel after the brake are applied? b) calcutate the work done by...
  46. C

    Grade 11 Stoichiometry question

    Homework Statement What volume of CO2 at 333 K and 90 kPa is produced when 0.4 L of 0.6 M solution of H3PO4 reacts with 36 g of Na2CO3? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I calculated the moles for Na2CO3 and H3PO4 but I am lost
  47. A

    Grade 11 Physics: WAVES. Finding Wavelength & Frequency

    I missed the day where we were taught the formulas for frequency & wavelength, so doing the questions below are a struggle. Please someone explain how . Question 1 (wavelength) : The speed of sound in air at room temperature is 343m/s. The sound wave produced by striking middle C on a...
  48. F

    Grade 11 Biology EEI (similarities and differences)

    Hey there guys and girls, My name is Mark, I'm in a bit of a predicament here I have received an assignment in my grade 11 biology class which I am currently having some trouble with. Our task is as follows: This task examines the body plans of selected animal(both structure and function)...