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Other Phenomenology vs theoretical physics -- What should I choose?

  1. Oct 3, 2016 #1

    I am an undergraduate student of physics in the university of Athens. I am reaching my final year of studying and we are asked to select and work with one of our professors so that we can make a (barchelors) thesis about a specific specialization. I have know for a long time that I want to be a theoretical physiscist so my options were narrowed to two.

    The first professor is speciliazed in Phenomenology and he told that if I choose him we will work with the standard model and in general with quantum field theories.

    The second professor is a more therotical physicist and he offered me a thesis on Q.E.D.

    My question is what field of studying will help me more ?
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    Simon Bridge

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    "Help you more" with what? ...more than what? Can you be specific?
    ie. both will help you out more than a walrus on acid, unless you happen to need to know the effects of LSD on odobenedae; in which case... that sounds like fun, can I join in?

    Part of the scientific method is refining your initial question to one that can be studied and answered.
    This method also applies to questions like the choices you make but the first step is always to get specific with the question.
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