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Homework Help: Photoelectric effect and Compton Scattering statements.

  1. May 30, 2013 #1
    Provide one of the following answers: PE,CS, BOTH, OR NEITHER.

    PE if the statement applies only to Photoelectric Effect.
    CS if the statement applies only to Compton Scattering
    BOTH if the statement applies only to both the Photoelectric Effect and Compton Scattering.
    NEITHER if the statement applies to neither the Photo Electric or Compton Scattering.

    I tried it and this is what I got

    a)Energy is conserved in PE
    b) Photons are observed before and after the interaction in CS
    c)Electrons are observed as the result of the experiment in BOTH
    d) Angles are measured in the experiment in CS
    e)Photons with very low energies such as 5.0 to 10eV is observed in CS
    f) Ionization occurs in NEITHER.

    Do the statements make sense?
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    Simon Bridge

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    You should show your reasoning or we cannot really tell.

    how would you support the idea that energy is not conserved in CS?
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