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Phsyics Kinematics: cannonball shot straight up

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    here is my math for it.


    to get the total time in the air multiply by two, becuase that time is only half way.
    [tex]x=v\cos\left(\theta\right) t[/tex]
    plug in t
    [tex]x=\frac{2v^2\sin\theta \cos\theta}{g}[/tex]

    that should get you the distance traveled... i think but look over my math.
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    Oh. I'm having trouble with the angle though. Not sure what it would be.
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    and isn't there acceleartion in the x direction too?
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    From what i saw in the problem there were not any more forces than just gravity... and gravity only works in the y direction. your angle is the one given in the problem, 45.
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    Oh I was talking about question 23. Hehe I already solved for question 22. Oh well. My exam is in 20 min. Dumdumdum. So it's okay. Thanks for the help though
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