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Physcis career for a non morning person?

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    yet another silly question but can you have a career as physicist and work in the afternoons or evenings? It has become obvious that I am not very productive before 1 or 2pm
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    the less flexible you are, the less opportunities you have. But yes, it's possible. However, there will inevitably be meetings scheduled for early in the morning that you will have to make. I am most productive in the night time, doing theoretical, analytical, and literature research; then I show up to the lab in the afternoon with my mind already made up about what I"m going to do so I don't have to think so much during the day. But I have no problems coming in early if I need to for long experiments or meetings.
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    dont astronomer's kind of HAVE to work at night?
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    Thank god for automated observatories :D
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