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Physical explanation for thunder

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    when i was small,the explanation for thunder,given to me was that when two clouds clash lightning is produced and due to the collision thunder is heard

    but now someone told me that thunder is caused when two clouds clash charges are neutralised and large amount of energy is liberated which appears in the form of lightning and during lightning the air get ionised and a large vaccum is created and after sometime air fills in the empty space with a rumbling noice which appears as the thunder

    is this the correct explanation of thunder.......if not please explain

    thank you
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    I think sparks between clouds are enomous and very hot, probably millions of degrees. So the air in the region get hot too and expands suddenly creating thunders.
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    It's best to look up a specialized site for this sort of thing.

    http://www.wxdude.com/page5.html [Broken]

    The wikipedia page is disappointing.
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