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Physical reason behind Plane Stress

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    I can now although do the maths related to plane stress etc but I have struggled to grasp the logic behind this concept. It says changing the way you see the stress by rotating the view, stress changes. My question is why ? Why is this so that we see stress with one value when standing at lets say 0 degrees with the axis of pipe under stress and different when we see it from 45 degrees rotated ? Is it some inherent material property or the force isn't really acting the way as we think and show in free body diagrams ? Can someone put it up simple ?
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    It's a function of mohrs circle. Plot the mohrs circle.you will see at different angles on the circle there is different stresses. In a real scenario if you put.steel in a tensile machine and pull it , it will shear at 45 degrees, this is because its maximum shear angle is 45 degrees
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