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Homework Help: Physics 40s conservation of momentum question

  1. Apr 14, 2009 #1
    A 10,000kg space shuttle moving east at 3000km/h wishes to change its course by 10°. It does so by ejecting an object at a speed of 5000km/h (South). Calculate the mass of the ejected object.

    Momentum before = momentum after
    momentum is mass x velocity

    I am honesty pretty well completely stumped on how to solve this question. Would you draw a vector diagram? Usually you figure out the momentum before and then the momentum after must be equal. However I dont know how to do that because when the shuttle releaes the amount of weight, we no longer know its amount of weight or velocity.
    Im so confused, please help
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    Think of a velocity tranverse to the shuttle's initial velocity, such that is some time t, the resultant velocity is at 10°.

    Now to move in that direction, the shuttle must eject an object of mass M at 5000km/h velocity to the south. The shuttle's mass is 10,000kg.
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