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Physics Physics And Economics Double Major

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    Hi all,

    How good/bad an idea is that. I love physics and want to get a phd later but stll want to remain safe. any advice? Is physics+economics bad idea?
    What about physics major and eco minor only?
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    I´m doing theoretical economics major now, and very good education seems to be major in mathematics and minor in economics(or econometrics/statistics). Physics is of very limited use in economics, while mathematics makes it a lot easier. Degree in maths would obviously make entry to physics better, if you decide so.

    Don´t do economics if you only want it for your resume. I can guarantee if you force yourself to go through it, you will forget everything very soon. It takes considerable effort to make sense of economics.

    Also, both czech prime minister and german kanzlerin are physicists by education!
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    ahh! No interest in politics.
    Any more opinions?

    And its totally not for mere resume. Its like if i sometimes want a job and not merely be a thinker.
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    Undergraduate education in economics is pretty much rubbish. A BS in Math, or also BS in Physics will be a good background. However, if you can take Econ courses, take graduate courses in Econ.
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    It's pretty useless. If you have a Ph.D. in physics and get a job in finance, you are expected to be able to learn the economics on your own, and I agree with Pyrrhus that undergraduate economics is pretty much rubbish.

    The other thing is that economics is one of those things that you might do better learning if you just audit classes and read books on your own. Remember that the purpose of the degree is merely to get a piece of paper that gets you a job, and if already have that and just want some knowledge, there are cheaper ways of getting that.
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