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Homework Help: Physics and Environment Questions

  1. Dec 16, 2009 #1
    (a) Determine the emission temperature fro the planet Venus. You may assume that the following: the mean radius of Venus' orbit is 0.72´
    that of Earth's orbit, the solar flux S0 decreases as the square of the distance from the sun and has a value of 1367Wm-2 for Earth's orbit;
    Venus's planetary albedo is 0.77.
    (b) The observed mean surface temperature of the planet Venus is about 750 K. How many layers of the N-layered atmosphere (see previous
    problem) would be required to achieve this type of warming?
    (c) Earth's mean surface temperature is 288 K. How many layers must our atmosphere be composed of?
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    What equations are relevant to these problems? Also, what have you tried so far to solve them?
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