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Physics as a dream ? Need courage * advice

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    First of all , I'm glad I found this forum while searching the mathematics of string theory.

    I want to directly tell you my problem. Well ; I have two ambitions in my life and one is Theoretical Physics. It is a bit more like a passion. In my country , highschool education divides in to three courses. Literature - Middle (half literature half math) and Science (Full science). I am graduated from science course (4 years). Now , actually having a great will to work on Physics , my second ambition as having a Military career is on way. I am a cadet (Military Student - Land forces). But I am educating as a Mechanical Engineer (having all courses universities have as Mechanical engineering). When I graduate I'll have also Mech. Eng. diploma.

    Enough storyline :) Here is the question. I have lots of time. My school is 4 years like all universities. And while this 4 years education , I want to educate my self just like a Physics student do. I'll have the all courses they had for their University education. I "do not" care about having a Physics degree officially. Did Fermat had a Mathematics PhD? I give no care for being a Professor a day or not. Only I care is understanding the universe. This is my humanitarian responsibilty to. If I can make a real contribute to our understanding about universe that'll be my great honor and pleasure. I am going to buy all the books they buy. Learn all the lessons they do. If I can't understand something , I'll ask here or go to a University for it. Why I write this ? Well , sometimes I do need some courage. That might look really hard to achieve but when looking from the both sides ;

    Deterministic : If I meant to success , I will success.
    Possiblistic : If the Universe is a possiblity universe , then success is a possiblity. If it is , It'll worth trying.

    I can understand Physics by reading mostly. And as Einstein said ; I have to do If I can do it. I have to do it as best as I can. This is my sacred human responsibilty. Less is unforgivable.
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    1) One thing that you should be prepared for is that as you know more, the amount of understanding you have about the universe will become less and less. I've given up trying to understand everything about universe, and right now I'm lucky if I understand *anything* about the universe.

    2) Physicists aren't the only people that try to understand the universe. Cooks and janitors understand parts of the universe. One thing that I figured out yesterday was that it's a bad idea to create an egg sandwich with a bagel and an egg sunny-side up, and that if I want that I need to scramble the egg. That's a tiny bit of understanding about the universe that I didn't have the day before.
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    Haha, twofish-quant, your posts are really helpful, but you really do get stuck on that wanting to understand the universe part ;)
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