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Physics audio and video lectures

  1. Oct 29, 2009 #1
    The following site provides a good collection of links to audio/video courses and lectures in physics from educational institutions around the world.


    The courses and lectures include general physics, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, field theory, general relativity, special relativity and scientific computing.
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    thanks a lot
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    I just found a huge collection of physics and math lectures at ICTP. The vid format is a little unusual, but it works. Some of the lecturers have a strong accent, but most are understandable.


    ICTP is in Italy and is aimed at grad-level education for students from the developing world. They claim 4725 hours of lectures online...
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    thanks man
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    Sankaku, you have discovered the Mother Lode.

    That is an outstanding resource. Thanks for posting.

    For others who go there looking for lectures, there are more in the "archives" section.
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    Here are some of the math courses...

    * Foundations of Mathematical Analysis
    (recorded hours: 20)
    * Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
    (recorded hours: 10)
    * Calculus on Rn
    (recorded hours: 20)
    * Complex Analysis
    (recorded hours: 40)
    * Topology
    (recorded hours: 40)
    * Ordinary Differential Equations
    (recorded hours: 10)
    * Real Analysis
    (recorded hours: 40)
    * Abstract Algebra
    (recorded hours: 20)
    * Algebraic Topology
    (recorded hours: 20)
    * Differential Geometry
    (recorded hours: 40)
    * Real Analysis II
    (recorded hours: 20)
    * One Dimensional Dynamics
    (recorded hours: 20)
    * Functional Analysis
    (recorded hours: 40)
    * Functional Analysis II
    (recorded hours: 40)
    * Partial Differential Equations
    (recorded hours: 10)
    * Algebraic Geometry
    (recorded hours: 40)
    * Linear Algebra
    (recorded hours: 20)
    * Complex Analysis
    (recorded hours: 42)
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    Physics... NOT a comprehensive list.

    * Statistical Mechanics
    (recorded hours: 78)
    * Mathematical Methods
    (recorded hours: 96)
    * Classical Mechanics
    (recorded hours: 40)
    * Quantum Mechanics
    (recorded hours: 108)
    * Advanced Electromagnetism
    (recorded hours: 44)
    * Advanced Quantum Mechanics
    (recorded hours: 60)
    * Solid State Physics
    (recorded hours: 42)
    * Physics of the Earth System
    (recorded hours: 30)
    * Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
    (recorded hours: 42)
    * Quantum Electrodynamics
    (recorded hours: 74)
    * Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
    (recorded hours: 64)
    * Introduction to Particle Physics
    (recorded hours: 54)
    * Quantum Field Theory
    (recorded hours: 86)
    * General Relativity
    (recorded hours: 72)
    * Susy Field Theory
    (recorded hours: 30)
    * Symmetries, Electron Bands and Phonons
    (recorded hours: 48)
    * Magnetism
    (recorded hours: 28)
    * Superconductivity
    (recorded hours: 24)
    * Mathematical Techniques
    (recorded hours: 26)
    * Advanced Quantum Mechanics
    (recorded hours: 60)
    * Advanced Statistical Mechanics
    (recorded hours: 26)
    * Many-Body Physics
    (recorded hours: 44)
    * Biological Physics
    (recorded hours: 22)
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    thanks for sharing this with us. i also have some video tutorials like this .
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    I'm not sure if these have been posted before, though I wouldn't be surprised if they have been. Regardless, below is a link (assuming it works) to several videos of lectures Feynman gave at Cornell in the Fall of 1964. They are well-worth the hours spent watching. Enjoy...

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    I have been meaning to ask if you are the person responsible for the infocobuild site? I think it is probably the best index of free lecture videos on the net. I like the way it has been set up.

    If so, keep up the good work!
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    Such as agood collection of links to audio/video courses and lectures in physics from educational institutions.
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    http://documentaries-plus.blogspot.com/2010/08/mechanical-universe.html [Broken]

    This contains a list of introductory physics lectures from CalTech, making complex concepts of physics more easy-to-understand by using computer graphics, drama to explain historical events etc.
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    This seems like a nice E&M series. (and some other stuff) They are in the ECE folder. It starts with electrostatics and culminates in a graduate level course, 740.

    http://mediasite.engr.wisc.edu/Mediasite/Catalog/pages/catalog.aspx?catalogId=31c0b7c4-3a0f-410b-bacf-0c238380112f [Broken]

    The prof seems very good. Very direct and clear. Maybe not as dramatic and entertaining as the Lewin MIT series, but possibly more complete and "professional". I don't prefer the format, which is "mediasite" with video and .jpg combined, but I guess it has it's benefits.

    It's a PITA to download them, but it can be done... Since I know there are a lot of people who do, here is how I did it.

    run a packet sniffer like "url snooper"
    copy the url (it is the playback ticket)
    open a program like "SDP multimedia"
    paste the url in the appropriate place and "save" the .WMV file

    THEN... to get the JPG's

    using firefox, get the Batchdownload addon
    right click in the mediasite presentation picture area and select batch download
    go down to 'base url' and find the four numbers that designate the pic number and replace with the wildcard '(*)' (don't use the ' part)
    Enter the range... you can see how many pics are in this particular lecture by looking at the top of the pic in the border. ( '3 of 322' , for example.)
    set wildcard bytes to 4
    set download folder and hit 'Start'

    After all that, pour yourself a cold one, and sit back and admire yourself for your dedication to physics. Or at least to grabbing digital media on the internets.
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