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DVD-Audio (commonly abbreviated as DVD-A) is a digital format for delivering high-fidelity audio content on a DVD. DVD-Audio uses most of the storage on the disc for high-quality audio and is not intended to be a video delivery format.
The first discs entered the marketplace in 2000. DVD-Audio was in a format war with Super Audio CD (SACD), and along with consumers' tastes tending towards downloadable music, these factors meant that neither high-quality disc achieved considerable market penetration; DVD-Audio has been described as "extinct" by 2007. As of June 2019, Amazon lists only 155 albums available on "Audio DVD". DVD-Audio remains a niche market but some independent online labels offer a wider choice of titles.

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  1. bhobba

    MQA is Dead: Lessons in Bad Marketing from Audiophile World

    Hi All Some may know I am an audiophile. A few years ago, with a lot of hype and no small measure of BS, a new format appeared, called MQA. It created a lot of controversy for various reasons like the need for a special decoder, watermarking of the audio, bit stacking, and a special light on...
  2. M

    MATLAB How do I write this chua oscillator to an audio file in matlab?

    hello i would like to ask how to write the solution of this matlab program to an audio file using the audio tool box or any other technique. thanks very much. function chua_oscillator %This program is computed by S.Sabarathinam %Based on: Nonlinear Dynamics: Integrability, Chaos and Patterns,by...
  3. The Bill

    Engineering EE resources for audio hardware design?

    My Google-fu has been failing me on this. I'm looking for a good variety of online resources and textbooks on the design of audio equipment. The level I'm looking for would be for upper-level undergraduate or intro graduate level electrical engineering. Topics must include how to best isolate...
  4. Callicious

    Op-amp compensation of cascade fudges audio signal oddly

    Links: LTSpice Pre-amp schematic (resistor values/capacitor values different) Gerber Op-amp Datasheet Hi all; Presently designing pre-amp for my analogue MEMS microphone for bioacoustic recording (ultrasonic, especially.) Don't own an oscilloscope, so relying on spectrograms of audio for...
  5. G

    How to wind a 5K audio tube amplifier transformer?

    60 watt tube amp needs a 5k primary and 8 ohm secondary transformer. I have wound voltage transformers on my lathe many times. Audio transformer is no different. Online impedance transformer calculator says, 5k to 8 ohms in 25:1 ratio. Online info says, audio transformer should be 60w x 5 =...
  6. S

    Motherboards that can transmit audio over video cables

    Are there motherboards for desktop computers that can transmit audio over DVI or HDMI cables to a TV when the TV is used as the computer's display? If so, what terminology is used in the specifications for such a motherboard to indicate this capability? For example, the manual for a Samsung TV...
  7. C

    Exploring Audio Signal Manipulation with Circuits

    I'm just playing around with circuitry, working with manipulation of Audio Signals in active circuits(My guitar, going to build an internal preamplifier). I've been trying to find an answer on this all day with no luck. As eager as I am to see what the effect would be it would be nice to know...
  8. S

    Exploring Inductor Design for Audio Applications

    Hi, I am experimenting with a design for an inductor for audio applications, and am using a high permiability toroid (12,000) having a closed trifilar winding. In this instance , it is 39T x 3 twisted wires connected in series being 117 turns in total, giving approx 180mH inductance. In...
  9. A

    Need Help Building an Audio Amplifier with D2059 Transistors

    Good morning Thank you very much for being part of this forum. I have a concern. I have 4 D2059 transistors and I want to build an audio amplifier, but I don't have enough knowledge of electronics. And I have one more transistor tip117. Can anyone help me by sending a simple circuit diagram how...
  10. NTL2009

    Components of Bluetooth audio delay/latency?

    I often watch instructional YouTube videos on my tablet with Bluetooth headphones. The delay/latency in the audio often isn't so noticeable, but when I see someone using a hammer, or sandpaper, the delay between the visual of the hammer hit or sandpaper swipe and the audible "bam" or "swoosh" is...
  11. A

    A collaboration between different forums (PF and audio)

    many years ago in 1952 the radar engineer and inventor John Edward Karlson together with Wayne Green invented and presented his audio speaker inspired by his studies on microwaves for antennas. it came out a speaker that bears his name (Karlson) very controversial in the reviews of those who...
  12. A

    B White noise frequencies and Audio Speakers

    Hi everyone . unfortunately for health reasons I have to give it a try and put a pair of audio speakers in my bedroom to reproduce white noise during sleep. I need to know if the audio speakers I already own are able to reproduce the range of frequencies I need, namely that of rain and sea waves...
  13. hugo_faurand

    How to make an audio processing device for noise reduction ?

    Hello everyone !I am working on noise reduction and I wanted to do some experiments with an arduino. I took an arduino which get music (as an example) in input by jack. It also has a microphone and in a first try the goal is to get as an output the music - the noise around... To act like a kind...
  14. A

    Audio/Video How Can I Create a Touch Sensitive Volume Knob for My Audio Card?

    Hi, I am trying to think how to make a DYI volume knob to control variable actions on my audio card. But I don’t want one with buttons to toggle the actions.. instead I want to make one with a touch sensitive lcd screen and make the scroll knob (a físicas one) around the screen bc I want to use...
  15. LorenzoIvan78

    How to fix Audio issue in windows 10?

    Hi Everyone! I am facing issue of The Audio Service is not running in my system whenever I play any music or video. Anybody knows what is the issue behind it? My Window is updated but still I am facing this issue.
  16. S

    Audio recordings of radio traffic

    Audio recordings of radio traffic from famous incidents (e.g. 9/11, various shootings) are difficult to understand - at least those I find on YouTube are. Is there something about the way radio traffic is recorded that degrades it? Often the beginning of a sentence is cut off. Could this be a...
  17. paradisePhysicist

    B Vacuum Audio Failure: Solutions & Tips

    Got a vacuum to create bubbles in water, they advertised it as "boiling water" but it didn't seem like boiling in my book. If there were bubbles in water I am guessing there was a vacuum of 20% (20% atmosphere.) I am just estimating the 20% number. In any case, there didn't seem to be any...
  18. A

    Using constructive interference of audio frequency waves to lower distortion

    Hello everybody . I would like to ask you for an opinion. audio waves passing through a horn or waveguide experience a small or relatively large distortion. do you think it is possible to eliminate distortion by making use of constructive interference?
  19. S

    Raspberry Pi bluetooth audio problem after upgrade

    Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspberry OS... Recently did apt-get update and upgrade. It did an upgrade of the desktop after asking for permission to replace the file piwiz.desktop. It then ran a wizard to redo various options and preferences, including WiFi and password (which I had set up initially on...
  20. entropy1

    Randomizing phases of harmonics

    Suppose I decompose a discrete audio signal in a set of frequency components. Now, if I would add the harmonics I got, I would get the original discrete signal. My question is: if I would randomize the phases of the harmonics first, and then add them, I would get a different signal, but would it...
  21. DaveC426913

    Troubleshooting audio in Win 10

    I opened up my lappie today to discover that it will not play any sound. Says there are no audio output devices installed. I went through various Google suggestions, including pointing it at my system drivers (Device Mgr > System Devices > Hi Def Audio > Update > Choose from my drive) and then...
  22. kadiot

    Audio broadcast via a physical wire

    Is there a way to broadcast emergency messages via cable radio? Its not really radio but audio going out from copper or fiber using existing landlines or CATV cables. No tuner needed, could just be a speaker. The system I am looking for does not need internet or mobile connections. I imagine it...
  23. yalcinkaya

    LM741 Audio Amplifier Emergency

    Summary:: Hi guys! I need to make a audio amplifier circuit with LM741. I have to use only resistors and capacitors. I can't built it. Can you help me please? Hi guys! I need to make a audio amplifier circuit with LM741. I have to use only resistors and capacitors. I can't built it. Can you...
  24. AlexCaledin

    "Class-B" Audio Power Amp with "Current Pumping"

    Hello everyone, I was thinking how to cancel the class B crossover distortion, may I suggest to discuss an interesting variant. Let's start from this: - there is crossover distortion (and no current protection). The signal source is "full voltage, zero current". Let's make it "full current...
  25. anorlunda

    Can Deepfake Technology Have Positive Applications?

    Last night we watched a nature film narrated by David Attenborough. (who else?) It occurred to me that no nature film now or in the near future could be a success with any voice other than Mr. Attenborough's. It cries for deepfake Attenborough voices after his retirement or death. Would his...
  26. M

    Exploring the Relationship Between String Tension & Audio Output Amplitude

    I am working on a guitar/piano synthesizer for my own interest. When a string is plucked or struck, tension increases causing a slight pitch bend and change in the inharmonicity. This change then settles as the note quiets down. Thus it is important to model how the tension rises above baseline...
  27. entropy1

    B Mixing two discrete audio signals

    Suppose I have two audiofiles in 16 bit PCM, both recorded on a level that, except for the noise and distortion, is maximally recorded, or that the maximum recording level results in the maximum PCM level. So, the signal is recorded on the maximum level such that there is no clipping. If we...
  28. D

    Audio interference of sound waves from two speakers

    Homework Statement: Two identical audio speakers, connected to the same amplifier, produce monochromatic sound waves with a frequency that can be varied between 300 and 600 Hz. The speed of the sound is 340 m/s. You find that, where you are standing, you hear minimum intensity sound a) Explain...
  29. amare

    Troubleshooting Corrupted Audio Files When the C Drive is Low on Space

    When the C drive gets limited in space, I take some space from the D drive and the audio files in D drive corrupted and can not open. How do I open these files?
  30. S

    Feynman's Lectures on Physics: Find Chapters for Audio Lessons

    I just bought the audio and written books for Feynman's Lectures on Physics. Could someone tell me which chapter from the written books to refer to in each audio lesson?
  31. L

    How does RFI manifest in the audio range?

    So I understand that grounded shielding of audio equipment is necessary to block both EMI and RFI from audio equipment, but what I can't find information about is how, for example, radio frequency interference "RFI" at 150kHz, can interfere with audio equipment in such a way that you will hear...
  32. T

    Capacitors needed when using an audio amplifier?

    Hello, I am using this little audio amplifier with my Maximite computer: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MQ44KLP/?tag=pfamazon01-20 I know that it's a best practice to use capacitors on the audio output from amplifier chips to filter out any extra DC current. I am under the impression that the...
  33. Y

    Is the propagation velocity slow down at low audio frequency?

    I uploaded the paper from Belden cable company. It said the velocity slows down to 5EE6 m/sec from 1EE8 m/sec at RF speed. I don't remember I ever read this before, I thought velocity = 1/sqrt( μ/ε). Please give me a link on the reason if this is true. Thanks Alan
  34. O

    Audio/Video Audio Streamer for Hearing Aids

    <Moderator's note: link removed as advertisement.> Hello!To those who are reading this post, I need your help! I’m sure I will find here experienced and skilled people willing to give me a hand with this project.First, I’m French, and even if I’ll do my best to write correctly in your language...
  35. Ryan Walsh

    I Audio question about black hole

    I was wondering if someone can help explain to me what is happening in the image. Black holes have Light paths or something so i read here more accurate description is that within this horizon, all lightlike paths (paths that light could take) and hence all paths in the forward light cones of...
  36. S

    Want to build a simple audio filter

    Hi, I have an old system that outputs a stereo audio signal (using Left and Right RCA audio cables). However for some reason this system is also outputting a high-frequency noise on both channels regardless of its operation. At this point I think it would be simpler to build a simple audio...
  37. berkeman

    Any stereo audio learning resources for other languages?

    I had an interesting thought tonight, but my Google-foo is failing me so far. I learned Spanish as a second language in high school, and have lost most of that skill over the years. I learned a fair bit of Japanese as an Army bratt stationed in Yokohama in the late 1960s with my family, but...
  38. wolram

    Audio Signal Generator: Cheap & Ready-Made

    Dear sir. I want to test my valve amplifier, to do so I need a signal generator, I do not want to buy a kit I want a cheap ready made one , can any of you guys tell me where to buy such a thing? thanks.
  39. ADDA

    Carrier Signals and demodulation of audio waveforms

    Is the failure to remove the carrier frequencies the problem with the audio output in the following videos?
  40. M

    How to connect audio output to an ADC

    hello to everybody, can somebody help me, how to connect audio output to dac i have a rado tuner, i just need to connect audio output to adc after to connect to arduino thnx
  41. epenguin

    Constancy of audio power from battery (hearing aid)

    I have recently had to adopt hearing aids. I shall soon be taking them back to supplier for adjustment/repair/replacement of one of them. What seems to happen is that with new (lithium) battery it gives sign of life and some amplification into the right ear, but after a few hours there is no...
  42. M

    Replacing Audio Transformers in Radio Receivers

    hello can somebody help me, what can i use in place of audio transformer because i was in electronics shop the man he told they don't use anymore audio transformer in radio receiver what to use in place of audio transformer?thnx
  43. R

    What is Rich Valentine's Experience in Electronics and Audio Video Repair?

    I've been involved in reapirs in electronics, audio video control systems for over 35yrs. Look forward to being part of this forum.
  44. J

    Generating Audio Signals from Lasers: Theoretical Possibilities?

    Say you have a red laser and pointed it at a ~175 nm antenna, then amplified the signal into a speaker. Would you then theoretically get a very high frequency audio signal (in the terahertz range, i realize this isn't practical)? My question is really on the nature of the light emitted from...
  45. M

    How to convert Audio output jack signal to 5V range?

    Hi Guys, Can Some one Help me to Figure Out how can i Convert Voice Signal from 3.5mm Jack to Voltage. Though the voice signal has low signal strength can i boost it using amplifer and to get output in Voltage what is the Process i am not figuring out the perfect way. Sugest me your Option...
  46. I

    Using 2N3904 for 3V audio preamp

    I want to use a 3.3 volt supply to power a voltage divider biased pre-amplifier using a 2N3904. My input signal level is 50mv p-p with a 50 ohm source resistance. I am looking for a gain of about 50. After doing the math and building the circuit, my design works, but in order to get a...
  47. Steven Ellet

    Brainwaves & Brainwave Entrainment: Real or Myth?

    http://www.brainworksneurotherapy.com/what-are-brainwaves The above link explains what brain waves are. There are also visual/auditory equivalent to brain waves (also known as brainwave entrainment), explained below. http://www.brainworksneurotherapy.com/what-brainwave-entrainment Is this real...
  48. Alfreds9

    Finding the acoustic point in a valley

    Hello, I have a practical problem, I'd like to find the "best" spot to hear sounds in a valley (forgive me if "acoustic point" isn't an appropriate term, I just couldn't come up with anything better and scrolling an acoustics text didn't help), or at least a non-blind spot (one which instead...
  49. Eric McMillan

    Curious Digital Audio Electronics Question

    Hello all, perhaps some minds here can help. I am 40 years experienced electronics technician, having specialised in the Audio electronics world in all flavours. I have developed a mixture of materials that can be applied within cable connectors or as an enclosure fitted around electric/audio...
  50. Tspirit

    How to store an audio voltage signal and recover it?

    I am doing an experiment in which an audio voltage signal can be obtained and saved as .csv (or other formats) by oscilloscope. In a second step I want to recover it into audio voltage signal and input it into a loudspeaker. Then how can I do in the second step? Or how to transverse a .csv (or...