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Physics BS with a Math Minor. Second Minor?

  1. Jun 10, 2012 #1
    Hey people,

    I have 4 quarters left to finish my physics undergrad degree. I am planning on applying to a graduate program, probably just for a Master's. The thing is I'm not exactly sure what I want to do once I go "into the real world." I've decided on a Master's to at least have a foot up if I go into an industry related job. However, I was reading some other posts in this forum and from what it sounds like I'd be in better shape if I had a "marketable" skill like engineering or computer science. I'm taking an Analysis class this summer that will finalize me having a Minor in Math but I was also thinking about attempting a Comp. Sci. minor as well to have something that people could see as useful. What are some of your opinions on this? ...or did I shoot myself in the foot for getting a physics degree as opposed to an Engineering or Comp. Sci.?
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    Just to clarify, what are you applying for a Masters degree in? Knowing this will affect any recommendation I can provide on whether a second minor would be useful.

    For example, if you were planning on pursuing a Master's degree in computer science or applied math (especially if you intend to focus on, say, numerical analysis or scientific computing), then a second minor in computer science could be quite useful.

    Otherwise, if you are simply looking at applying for work in programming, software or IT jobs, a minor in computer science wouldn't hurt you, but it may not be all that helpful -- it may be more beneficial for you to study programming on your own (or take a few introductory or intermediate level programming courses), and develop a portfolio of personal projects you have developed which you can provide to a prospective employer.
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