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Physics classes as a electrical engineer

  1. Aug 27, 2014 #1
    I am having trouble taking classes to get full time status because my college only offers electrical engineering courses at night. im looking for some physics classes that will prove useful in my field. Ive heard some PE's with masters in engineering physics say they can derive solutions to problems the electrical engineers toolbox cannot.

    So im look for some physics classes that will offer value in my understanding to electricity and magnetism. I am currently taking a physics course that is self-contained teaching vector calculus with applications.

    background of Math and Physics: i've taken differential equations, linear algebra, calculus based physics 1 (mechanics) , physics 2 (electricity and magnetism).

    current physics course outline:

    Mathematical techniques specifically used in the study of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, and quantum physics are developed in the context of various physical problems. Course includes the topics of vector calculus, coordinate systems, the Laplace equation and its solutions, elementary Fourier analysis, & complex variables. Applications to electrostatics, mechanics, and fluid dynamics are emphasized.
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    So what is your question?

    If you're asking if the course looks good, then yes. All the techniques listed (e.g. vector calc, Laplace and Fourier) are very important to electrical engineering.

    You might find physics classes are heavier on the theory and deeply exploring a few abstract examples, while EE classes covering the same material are more focused on solving EE specific problems.
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    not sure how to make an edit:

    my overall question is what are other physics courses i can take that will further my ability to become a great electrical engineer with tools that arn't available in a standard EE undergrad degree.
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    I took a course on semiconductor physics. I hated the class because it was poorly executed, but I found the material very interesting. Not all colleges offer the course, however.
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    Hard to say. I good EE program has internal physics courses targeted for the needs of practicing EEs.

    Like jz92wjaz says, semiconductor physics is very interesting and useful, but that is probably offered in your EE dept. Solid-State Physics in a physics dept will cover some of the same material but with a different emphasis.
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