Physics Forums is 10 years old!

  1. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    Happy Birthday to Physics Forums! The domain for PF was registered on Feb 7th 2001. Where has the time gone!? I'm proud of all the people who have contributed to make it what it is today!

    To help celebrate I picked out a user for each year we've been around and will grant them gold membership for a year. Congrats!

    Siv (2001)
    Bystander (2002)
    jcsd (2003)
    Chronos (2004)
    DaleSpam (2005)
    chemisttree (2006)
    mheslep (2007)
    fluidistic (2008)
    Born2bwire (2009)
    fzero (2010)
    supratim1 (2011)
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  3. drizzle

    drizzle 478
    Gold Member


    :biggrin:Happy 10th to Physics Forums!:biggrin:

    Congrats to lucky PFers. :smile:
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  4. Happy Birthday PhysicsForums!

    Happy Birthday PhysicsForums!! :smile:
  5. radou

    radou 3,108
    Homework Helper

    Happy Birthday to PF, may you have many more!!! :smile:

    And congrats to the lucky ones! :wink:
  6. Wo0t! Thats so very cool, way to go everyone!
  7. Borek

    Staff: Mentor

    Happy 10th!
  8. Char. Limit

    Char. Limit 1,937
    Gold Member

    Happy 10th birthday PF!!!
  9. Congrats to the lucky 11 and Happy 10th to PF!
  10. Awesome guys, keep it up!
  11. Pengwuino

    Pengwuino 6,942
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    How many years is this in dog years?
  12. ZapperZ

    ZapperZ 30,731
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    It is only 10 years old? Wow! It looks like it already needs a face lift!


  13. Happy Birthday, Let me bring the cake :biggrin:

  14. cobalt124

    cobalt124 139
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    PF hits double figures! Happy Birthday!
  15. Redbelly98

    Redbelly98 12,046
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    [​IMG], Greg, for making this great forum.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. micromass

    micromass 20,051
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    Happy 2*5'th birthday!! Physicsforums is a teenager now :smile:
  17. Evo

    Staff: Mentor

    Happy Birthday to PF!!!!!
  18. epenguin

    epenguin 2,496
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    Gold Member

  19. lisab

    lisab 3,188
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    Happy Xth!
  20. G01

    G01 2,698
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    Congrats on such a successful endeavor, Greg!
  21. Cool! I had no idea it has been 10 years! That is a great milestone.
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