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Physics major: which classes should I take for my two related electives?

  1. Jan 13, 2013 #1
    Its premature, but I definitely feel more aligned with theoretical physics over experimental. With that said, would math or computer science electives serve me better? I can choose 2 courses. Thanks!
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  3. Jan 13, 2013 #2
    What other classes will/have you have taken? And what are the options?
  4. Jan 13, 2013 #3
    Ive only taken matlab in the cse branch and id have taken calc 1-4. I think linear algebra is a must, but what do i know. Opinions?
  5. Jan 13, 2013 #4
    What are your options for electives though? Yes, linear algebra is a must for one.
  6. Jan 13, 2013 #5
    My options are any 2000 level or higher classes in a related field such as chem, cse, materials, etc. And math. Im probably best off just doing another math
  7. Jan 13, 2013 #6
    I have no idea what a 2000 level course is. Nor do I know what your universities 2000 level courses are.
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    This is really not helpful. Naming course titles, not numbers, woukd be more helpful.
  9. Jan 13, 2013 #8
    Right, my bad guys. I gave a poor response because I forgot about linear algebra, so really I only have one course >_< and since im better at math and I may minor in it, its basically not a question for me. Bad question!
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