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Testing Physics/math placement exams for Transfer Students

  1. Apr 13, 2012 #1
    Is anyone aware of a mock placement exam for transfer students in completion of an associates in physics? I did some searching online but all the placement exams I found were for incoming freshman.
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    I'm not, no. That doesn't mean they don't exist, just that I'm not aware of them. Most schools evaluate transfer credits on a case-by-case basis, deciding whether or not to accept the credit or require you to take retake courses. It is incredibly important to speak to admins at the school you intend to transfer to ahead of time, to find out if there is even a point to taking a certain class for credit BEFORE transferring.

    Some schools have matriculation agreements, particularly when those institutions are close to each other and often when they're in the same state. For example if I transfer from North Idaho College to ISU/UI/BSU (in-state universities), all of my credits will transfer without exception. If I transfer to an out-of-state university via the WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange), more but not necessarily all of my credits will transfer than if I transfer to some random university that has no affiliation whatsoever with my school.

    Freshman placement exams usually place you into a single track, and you just.. go up that track, it is assumed that you're learning everything you need to learn along the way. It's probably uncommon to see a Calc II credit NOT transfer, although something like 'Political and Social Philosophy' at one school might not have a direct equivalent at another, and thus might end up as a random elective credit instead of a GE or core credit. Or you could, for example, take a combined Linear Algebra/ODE class that isn't seen as sufficient by another school, requiring you to take one or both subjects in separate courses.
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