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Advanced Placement (AP) is a program in the United States created by the College Board which offers college-level curricula and examinations to high school students. American colleges and universities may grant placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on the examinations. The AP curriculum for each of the various subjects is created for the College Board by a panel of experts and college-level educators in that field of study. For a high school course to have the designation, the course must be audited by the College Board to ascertain that it satisfies the AP curriculum as specified in the Board's Course and Examination Description (CED). If the course is approved, the school may use the AP designation and the course will be publicly listed on the AP Course Ledger.

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  1. W

    Need to determine best placement and stroke length of a pneumatic cylinder

    I'm making a device that will tilt a 500# load 20 degrees. Going to consist of a hinged 24" x 24" platform (that the load sets on). The platform will tilt to the right(clockwise) according to sketch. The upright post that the cylinder is attached to could be any length. The cylinder will...
  2. H

    I Proper placement of boat on trailer

    New trailer and new self built boat. Need confirmation of my calculation for placement of boat on trailer to have the correct tongue weight. For those not familiar with trailers: The tongue of a trailer is the forward beam that has the female ball receiver at the front end. It is imperative...
  3. G

    Which fan placement offers the most airflow for cooling electronics?

    I have two identical fans to cool electronics within an enclosure. From the two drawings/options, which option offers the most airflow? Thank you.
  4. L

    Best fan placement for optimal air flow

    I'm building a fume extractor for my workbench. I would like to hear your thoughts on the best placement for a fan so I get the maximal suction/airflow. I made a sketch with the general dimensions. The fan could be either in the A position before the filter or in the B position after the...
  5. A

    Best Engineering College in Bareilly, India For Best Faculty and Placement

    Summary:: Tell me the best Engineering Colleg in Bareilly, India, for the best faculty and placement I am searching for a preferred destination for engineering.
  6. S

    Lottery physics: ball placement and positions in lottery games

    Summary:: Lottery physics- balls placement and positions Hi all, I am not a Ph.D. in physics or even close to that, I only had some physics classes when I was at high school . the thing is that I like to examine things. I came across the lottery one time in my life and heard many assumptions...
  7. C

    Comp Sci Validating Braces Placement for Expression Evaluation

    Here's what I've done: Mentor note: replaced icode tags with code=python and \code pair. def valid_braces_placement(s, L): if len(L)==0: return False string = '' for element in L: string = string + str(element) D = ['+','-','*'] return...
  8. A

    Election of cut placement for Shear flow -- Hibbeler's example

    Hello. I am reading Hibbeler's Mechanics of Materials (ninth edition). Example 7.5 computes shear flow at a segment where there are nails attached to different boards. He chooses a cut like the one shown here: And gets (by symmetry between C and C') the shear flow q computing the first moment...
  9. R

    Pole placement design, Control Theory

    Summary:: Control Theory root equation pole Hi, I ran into a simple question but somehow I can't get it right. My work this far: ## G_0(s) = G(s) \cdot K \cdot \frac{1}{T_I s} = \frac{k}{\tau s +1} \cdot \frac{2\beta \tau -1}{k} \cdot \frac{2\beta^2 \tau}{Kks} = \frac{2\beta^2\tau}{s(\tau s...
  10. The-dude

    Static Electricity- Solving Material Placement Issues

    Hello, I'm trying to solve a material placement issue at work and I'm exploring the idea of using static electricity to solve it. We currently combine two materials together using a heat activated glue that's sandwiched between the two materials and pressed together using a heat press...
  11. berkeman

    Automotive Placement of disc brake calipers for best performance

    I thought that there was a standard placement for disc brake calipers on the front and back wheel assemblies for high-performance sports cars. I thought that I usually saw them placed at the back of the front wheels and the front of the rear wheels, but lately I've seen the opposite and other...
  12. R

    Placing Dehumidifier in Cold/Warm Space for Optimal Condensate Flow

    Hi. I purchased a dehumidifier in order to prevent condensation on aluminum windows in one area of my home. My home is comprised of two spaces: a warm space (20-22°C) and a cold space (<16°C). The door separating these spaces must remain slightly open for several hours of the day/night, so they...
  13. D

    I Index placement -- Lorentz transformation matrix

    Hi. I came across the following statement , which seems wrong to me. Λμρ = ( ΛT )ρμ I have it on good authority (a previous post on this forum) that (ΛT)μν = Λνμ so I am hoping that the first equation is wrong ? It looks like the inverse not the transpose ? The equation Λμρ η μνΛνσ = ηρσ is...
  14. S

    Placement of adverbs - "only" and others

    A situation I often debate is where to place adverbs in a sentence, especially the adverb "only". Should I write "He only found it once" ? - or "He found it only once". I need some sort of rule to go by - to comfort me when I obey it and give me glee when I'm naughty and ignore it. (I...
  15. D

    I Index placement on 4-potential

    Hi. I am working through some notes which use the following metric diag(1,-1,-1,-1). They give the 4-potential as ( Aμ ) = ( V/c , A ) where V is the scalar potential and A is the vector potential. This should mean in components A0 = V/c and A1 = A1 and so on but with the metric given shouldn't...
  16. J

    Rubber Band Car- Wheel Placement and Center of Gravity?

    I have an odd question after making a rubber band car. I'm wondering if placement of my pairs of wheels has any affect on how fast or how far my car goes. It seems to be a very impractical design, but I do want to know the science behind it. My question is if I move two wheels all the way to...
  17. F

    What is the relationship between torque and pole placement in rotating objects?

    Hello, In the same frame of reference and using the same coordinate system , the magnitude of mechanical torque depends on the position of the center of rotation (pole): the lever arm distance varies depending on where the pole is. For static equilibrium situations, the net torque is zero so...
  18. D

    B Generating Plausible Star Systems

    I'm trying to write some code to generate plausible star systems, but so far, I only have a main sequence star generator, and even with that I don't know how good the mass-radius relationships are. So, I'm coming here to ask for some formulas or pointers as to where I can go to find the math to...
  19. B

    Water pump (centrifugal) efficiency, does placement height mater?

    I am pumping water out of a pond that is being dug with a 30 h.p. centrifugal water pump. I am lifting the water about fifteen feet and discharging it at the same level as the pump. I feel lowering the pump near the water level and pushing the water up the fifteen feet would be more efficient...
  20. O

    Other Should I apply to multiple job ads?

    I am doing my exchange studies in Sweden and have applied to two internship offers at Volvo. However, I've heard that the competition is tough (especially for non-native speakers). Application results are only for the next month. Should I apply to other internships/thesis placements across...
  21. Paulthevgnerd

    Schools High School Physics Placement Advice

    I'm currently a Sophomore in High School taking Academic Chemistry and a Straight A student (except for a B+ in Spanish 3, atm), and since I want to pursue Physics as a career path, I really want to take AP Physics. I am only in Geometry right now, but I'm planning to take Algebra 2 over the...
  22. E

    Where can I find Medical Physics placements for a BSc student?

    Hi! I'm currently looking for a placement in Medical Physics, either Summer or year-long. It would preferably be either in the UK or New Zealand. I'm a second year BSc Physics with Medical Physics and achieved a First in my first year. Could anyone recommend any companies or hospitals that...
  23. leighkla

    Find the placement for 4th mass

    Homework Statement a meter stick is initially balanced on a fulcrum at its midpoint. you have four identical masses. three of them are placed at the following locations: 25 cm, 45 cm, and 90 cm. where should the fourth mass be placed in order to balance the meter stick? Homework Equations...
  24. T

    Tire Placement for Aerodynamic Drag Reduction: Inside vs. Outside Designs

    What helps reduce aerodynamic drag better wheels inside or outside in reference to the above designs? please help.
  25. L

    Preparing for Masters Placement Test: Tips & Suggestions

    Ill be attending a masters program this spring semester and they require a Placement test. I am wondering what's the best way to get back in the swing of things.? any good suggestions?
  26. A

    How Can I Find a Work Experience Placement in Astronomy?

    Hello everyone, I am new here and wondering if anyone could help me. I am currently a year 12 student doing Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Maths and Psychology at a Sixth form in London. I have plans to study Astronomy at University. I would like to get a work experience placement...
  27. J

    Where Should I Place Sacrificial Anodes for a Tank?

    I have been searching the internet and this forum for information on where to place anodes or how far away they should be spaced but have not had much luck. I am trying to design a sacrificial anode system for the inside of a tank. Does anyone have any info to help or send me in the right...
  28. V

    Placement of an object and magnification

    Homework Statement An object is 1 m from a screen. At what points may a 0.05-m focal length lens be placed so as to produce a sharp image on the screen? What are the corresponding magnifications? Homework Equations Lens maker equation: 1/s + 1/s' = 1/f Magnification equation...
  29. Tesladude

    Easy Q about fuse placement in transormer-based power supply

    Making an amp for a friend, useing a split supply with center tabbed transformer as ground for the chip, I think I heard the current alternates comeing from = and negative into ground, or from = and ground into negative or somthing, so where do I put the fuse?
  30. I

    Optimal Placement of a Resistor in a Circuit

    Am I correct in thinking that it would not matter if I place the 100ohm resistor after the 220nF capacitor (as shown in the picture), or before the capacitor?
  31. B

    Massflow rate from Pressure, Temperature, and Value placement

    so this is what i know: m=ρ*V*A ρ = 0.669 ρ (kg/m3) for Methane (gas) I think... A = flow area = ( D^2/pi) units are m^2 I think for a pipe I really think this is wrong V = M * sqrt (gam * R * T) R = Universal Gas Constant = 8314 J/kmol-K. T = temperature gam = K = 1.304 for Methane...
  32. G

    Help with windup/pull back toy mechanism floating gear placement

    Hi, I'm trying to design a windup baby toy (think toy stuck on wall rotating) with a gearing mechanism that works similar to a pull back toy car. Essentially I want to do a three quarter turn of the front of the unit anticlockwise to wind a coil spring via a gear train. When the front of the...
  33. S

    Theory of Relativity VS. Relativity to placement

    Being new on this site I've decided to post a question that has echoed through my head for a while now. If Einstein's Theory of Relativity literally claims that all actions and reactions are relative to the observer, then how do we as humans measure anything at all without being at any constant...
  34. D

    MHB Fixing Picture Placement Below Margin

    This picture is on a blank piece of paper but is rendered 2in below the margin. Why is this happening? I want it to be at the top of page right below the margin. The $z$ node is causing the problem. If I remove the $z$ node, the picture moves back to the top. What can I do about this...
  35. J

    Coulomb's Law Placement of Charges in Equilibrium

    Homework Statement Consider the arrangement of two point charges equal in magnitude but opposite sign (+Q, and -Q), which are a fixed distance d apart. Can you find a location where a third positive charge Q could be placed so that the net electric force on this charge is zero? Homework...
  36. Dembadon

    Preferred curly brace placement and why.

    Assume you're not forced to use a particular method. Method 1: void foo( giveMeThis ) { if( something ) { doThis; } else { doThisOtherThing; } } Method 2: void foo( giveMeThis ) { if( something ) { doThis; } else { doThisOtherThing; } }...
  37. R

    Work experience placement ideas.

    Hey, I'm currently in year 9 in secondary school and am aspiring to become a theoretical physicist. Since my year is taking linear G.C.S.E. physics and all the exams are taken at the end of the 11th year our school is taking ages teaching all of G.C.S.E. physics and over a year we have almost...
  38. S

    What must be the charge and placement of the third charge

    Two charges -Qo and -3Qo, are a distance l apart. These two charges are free to move but do not because there is a third charge nearby. What must be the charge and placement of the third charge for the first two to be in equilibrium. This would be easier if I was given an l amount, but...
  39. C

    Medium Voltage Switchgear Placement

    Hello all, I want to that would there be any harm in placing a medium voltage switchgear adjacent to low voltage motor control system ? what are the possible side effects ? if any pls share, if u agree , pls share that too !
  40. T

    Limiting the placement of covering rectangle with smaller rectangles algorithm?

    I'm looking for a 'covering rectangle with smaller rectangles' algorithm with the unique feature of being able to exclude some possible center points of rectangles. Basically, limiting the possible areas the smaller rectangles can be placed, while still having the algorithm try to solve for...
  41. R

    Solar elements and their placement

    Hello again everyone, Physics Noob is back again. I had a question about solar formation that has me stumped. If you hadn't read my previous post, I am a newcomer and hobbist of physics so don't expect me to know everything or equations on physics. Again, I may come off sounding like an...
  42. N

    Testing Physics/math placement exams for Transfer Students

    Is anyone aware of a mock placement exam for transfer students in completion of an associates in physics? I did some searching online but all the placement exams I found were for incoming freshman.
  43. A

    Placement of chromosomes from each parent on dna

    is dna in a sexually reproducing organism one single chain with dna from one parent coming first,with the other parent's dna joining it as it ends.or do the two strands lie side by side,without joining.Or do they lie side by side and join at some point? the purpose of asking the question is...
  44. B

    Mechanical Engineering Placement Thermodynamics Problem

    Hi all I am struggling with this classs example A pump compressing hydrogen from a low pressure to a high pressure tank where the tanks pressure is constant and H2 is an ideal gas. Hydrogen: (H2: MW = 2, Cv = 10 kJ/kgK) Low pressure tank: (P = 4 bar, T = 30oC) High pressure tank: (P = 100...
  45. X

    FBD, friction, force placement

    Homework Statement See attachment. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution My only question concerns the free body diagram. In the attachment, is the F pointing to the right friction or force of the truck accelerating? Why is the line of action of N not go through the mass...
  46. G

    Force of gravity/weight vecotr placement?

    we were doing a problem that involved pulling on a normal rectangular block with a horizontal force in class. at the point that it just barely starts tipping, we wanted to figure out the force required. i understood how to do that, but what puzzled me is the blocks weight/force of gravity vector...
  47. C

    Placement of Reaction Control System on a Spacecraft

    Suppose you have a reaction wheel or a control moment gyroscope on your spacecraft for attitude control. This would be a self contained unit, with 3-axis control. Either device utilizes the conservation of angular momentum, trading angular momentum between the unit and the spaceship frame as...
  48. 1

    Is Finding a Job in Plasma Focus Possible at Age 32?

    Hi everybody, nice to meet you all I'm studing Physics in Catania University, Italy, and I'll get the master degree in Physics next summer. My thesis will be on plasma focus and I will spend a period in Bologna, DIENCA laboratories to work on it. I would like to know if there will be any...
  49. H

    Diode placement and AC waveform across load?

    Hi all. A transformer is driven with a square wave pulse. The transformer has three secondary coils all in series, a diode is placed between two of them which is forward biased during the on time. The coils are used to charge a capacitor and limit current. When the transformer is pulsed...
  50. C

    Making Bar Magnets: Heating & B Field Placement

    If I wanted to make bar magnets would I heat up the metal and then place it in a B field of a solenoid and then cool it down in the field to keep the magnetization? It seems if i heated it up first the atoms would be more easily aligned in the B field, And then cool it down to preserve this state.