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Courses Physics Online courses over the summer, options?

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    Hey guys,

    I'm currently looking to take Physics I over the summer to get into AP Physics II C next year, and due to my schedule over the summer with multiple tennis camps and such, I cannot take it at my local community colleges because the professors will not let me miss X number of days, and the fact that one out of the two colleges here cancelled their program, I'm left with the choice of an online course..

    Is it advisable to do an online course for Physics I? I mean I understand stuff pretty easily and I'm extremely proficient at math, but I don't really know if that matters (Currently taking Calc 2).. But I've just been worried that Physics is a bit too much to cram into an online course and learn well enough..

    Also, is there any good online programs that this forum or members of this forum recommend? I mean I've obviously googled some but they don't look too promising..

    Thanks a lot

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    I'll speak for a lot of people here when I say online is NEVER the way to go to learn physics. I strongly advise AGAINST taking it this summer online (if you're taking it at the college then that's a different story). I'm not sure of any way you can make this work over the summer but maybe someone else will have a suggestion.
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    I was thinking the exact same thing, but due to my summer schedule there's no possible way I can take it at the college. The professor for the course would not let me miss more than 3 days of the course, whereas I have to miss atleast 11 due to tennis. But thanks anyways.
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    Then my advice is rethink your priorities... If tennis is really what you want to do then don't bother taking physics this summer, wait til the next academic year (September). If Physics is what you really want to do then you need to question how important Tennis is to you; If tennis is really that important to you then I suppose you'll have to take the online physics course and hope it turns out ok.

    Edit: I just realized this post sounds rather harsh. If it were up to me in your situation I would wait until the Fall to take Physics. I'm not trying to get you to stop playing Tennis.
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