What is Online courses: Definition and 26 Discussions

Educational technology (commonly abbreviated as EduTech, or EdTech) is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning. When referred to with its abbreviation, EdTech, it is often referring to the industry of companies that create educational technology.In addition to practical educational experience, educational technology is based on theoretical knowledge from various disciplines such as communication, education, psychology, sociology, artificial intelligence, and computer science. It encompasses several domains including learning theory, computer-based training, online learning, and m-learning, where mobile technologies are used.

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  1. PEEE

    Any online courses (like Coursera) recommended for analog electronics?

    TL;DR Summary: Are there any online analog electronics courses through recommended where I can go at my own pace? I would like something like Coursera. I am a recent graduate with a background in power electronics. I am starting to do more analog electronics which I an not really familiar...
  2. shivajikobardan

    Challenges in Linux Administration?

    As you all know I got a job as a Linux Administrator Intern few months ago. I've finished Imran Afzal's course on udemy a month ago, which was 35.5 hrs long. I'm comfortable with Linux by now. But I feel I could do better. That's why I picked up a RHCSA course that I got for 15$ from reputed...
  3. Wrichik Basu

    Other Updating Resume for Graduate School Admissions in India: Adding Online Courses

    I am about to start applying to different graduate schools in my country (India) for pursuing a Masters in Physics. Unfortunately, very few Indian universities actually want a resume, and offer admission based on competitive exams only. Nevertheless, I am updating my resume and keeping it ready...
  4. R

    Resources/sites for online courses

    Hello. I'm looking for a list of resources or sites that offer online courses especially at university level, of course also paid. The subjects I'm interested in are, among others, physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science, biology, ... Let's say I want to make good use of my free time...
  5. ZapperZ

    Schools Active Participation in PhysicsForums May Help With Online Courses

    I created a thread earlier on something a student can do for an online course in STEM. Here's another one, and this time, it applies to both students and instructors in equal measures. One of the most important components of online classes is the Discussion forum. If you have participated in a...
  6. bagasme

    Courses Budget (Cash-Strapped) Self Study Advice Please

    Hello all, Now I had graduated from high school, and I'd like to self-study (revisiting) high school mathematics and physics (not for exam). But recently I often saw ads for a local online course platform. Many of the platform's users have been admitted to top colleges, and get better score...
  7. TachyonLord

    Programs Where Should I Apply for Physics Internships and Workshops?

    So I'm an undergrad student from India pursuing physics, I'm currently in my first year and I'm really confused as to what I should do. I mean, I like physics, especially the computational aspect of it, but I don't know if I'll continue physics after three years. Summer's going to start soon and...
  8. G

    Programs MS in scientific computing or statistics from online courses

    I find both subjects interesting, to the point where every night after putting the kids to bed, I spend a few hours self-studying, but I wonder if going back for a master's degree would be worth the effort. I know that if I want to do professional work in either of these two subjects I'll need...
  9. E

    Can Online Courses Alone Help Me Get a Data Job?

    Hello, I'm thinking to take some online courses like on Udemy, but I am not sure if this will add value to my CV by itself or I need to do some projects on the topic of interest to show employers what I know. What do you think? Thanks
  10. M

    Learn MNCP as a Nuclear Engineering Student: Online Courses?

    is it possible for a third year nuclear engineering student to learn MNCP alone or online ? is there any online courses ?
  11. Kajal Sengupta

    Hi, I am Kajal, an online Physics teacher.

    I am happy to join this forum where I am sure I can share a lot with others. I am quite eager to participate in conversations .
  12. I

    Antenna theory: needed foundation (online courses?)

    Hey all, I am trying to do a read through on antenna theory (using Constantine's book) and am wondering if there is any online course that might follow the book or serve as a good reference. I have found pretty good success in supplementing a book with an online course in the past (i.e...
  13. S

    Quantum Field Theory Online Courses?

    I wanting to do an introductory Quantum Field theory course in my spare time. And although there are a couple available, they are not very beneficial without solutions to the problem sets. I am also looking at the course on the MIT open courseware website: "8.323: Relativistic Quantum Field...
  14. G

    In military, need online courses

    Hey there! My name is Alex and I am a new member to the foum. Hopefully, I am able to reach out to some people and talk to people who are interested in what I find fascinating. I do have a question for anyone who might be able to help me though. I am currently in the military and can't really...
  15. L

    Physics How to begin a career change to physics?

    I'm a 38-year-old lawyer who left my law practice in NYC a few months ago to stay home with my toddler. I am also expecting a second child. I have a deep regret that I did not study physics, astronomy, and mathematics in university. I started as a math major and completed almost enough...
  16. Titas

    Start Learning Physics: Books and Online Courses Recommended

    Hey everyone, I am in 7th grade right now and I started learning physics in my school. I've become really interested in it and I have only one lesson in a week so I want to start learning it by myself.. So how should I start? Which books and online courses would you recommend ?
  17. D

    Online Courses and Computational Biology

    Hi there, I have some questions about taking online courses and academics in general. I’m not sure where I can get advice about this stuff online so I’ve come here hoping the science community can help. Thanks! Goal: I wish to pursue a master’s degree in computational biology. Current...
  18. F

    Online courses or textbooks on fusion power?

    I've seen a few posts about fusion on this thread so I thought I'd give this a shot: I'm an mechanical engineering grad student working in alternative energy and have become interested in learning more about fusion (I'm currently conducting research on fuel cell systems). What are some good...
  19. Ascendant78

    Information about free online courses?

    I have found sites like coursera.org, and I have also heard that M.I.T. offers free online courses as well (though I have yet to have browsed their site for them). I am wondering how these courses work? I see that you get certificates of completion, but do they have any actual meaning? Is it...
  20. I

    Courses Any advice for adult learners, or learning from online courses?

    Hi all, My mom has always wanted to go back to school, but could not due to work and having to take care of the family. I recently showed her some free online courses offered by Stanford, and she's expressed interest in two of them: Anatomy http://www.anatomy-class.org/ and Model Thinking...
  21. E

    Courses Physics Online courses over the summer, options?

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking to take Physics I over the summer to get into AP Physics II C next year, and due to my schedule over the summer with multiple tennis camps and such, I cannot take it at my local community colleges because the professors will not let me miss X number of days...
  22. N

    Courses Calculus 2 summer online courses?

    As a sophomore in college, I looking to take a calculus 2 course over the summer to fulfill requirements for course credit. I'm looking for online courses. I just haven't been able to successfully find a place that offers Calculus 2 online. Searching online has just been so confusing. Also...
  23. J

    Online courses for general physics

    Im looking forward to do courses online on general physics, anyone knows any institutions where i can do this course if you know about the cost also please let me know i have to get permission from my parents.
  24. T

    Courses Looking for the following online courses

    Electromagnetism(For EE students) Engineering Statics
  25. F

    Courses Advanced Physics Online Courses

    Hi, I just finished up a B.A. in Physics at UVa, but I had some major holes in my curriculum. I took Modern physics, QM, and then GR, but never took E&M and Stat. Mech. Aside from MIT OCW, are there universities that offer advanced physics online courses for grade so I can patch these classes up...
  26. phoenixthoth

    What Are the Benefits of Taking MIT Online Courses?