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Physics Project ( College/University )

  1. Feb 18, 2013 #1
    Hey there! I have an upcoming project to do, just want to gather some ideas, dont mind cause me i'm new to this forum website

    The budget has to be MYR300.00, USD96.95. Recycle materials are allowed
    The project is some sort of presentation, where there will be a certain day where we will have our own booth and we have to present our project to all of the students and lecturers
    The project that we have to do has to be something that will help to overcome world issues such as pollutions or whatsoever
    For example, a dinamo fixed onto a bicycle, kinetic energy produces electrical energy hence this can conserve energy from power plants
    Solar car, where it will allow us to save the environment by not using alot of petroleum
    The project has to have full answers in it, for example let's take pascal's principle, hydraulic jack. Questions like :-
    What is the maximum amount of load can the hydraulic jack lift?
    What is the amount of force required to lift a certain amount of weight?
    etc etc
    Any ideas?
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    the way some inventors approach these types of projects is to recall some incident in your life where you wished there was something better available.

    Recently, I read about was some guys making a gravity light for villages that have no access to electricity. Another engineer designed a cardboard bicycle.Still oOthers have designed novel water projects.

    If you were living a solitary existence under very minimal conditions what would really improve your life without costing a fortune.
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    Unfortunately that's my budget :/ The gravity light for villages that have no access to electricity seems interesting, may i have the reading material?
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    thank you! Any other ideas? :)
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