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Hydraulic Jack, Automatic 12 volt DC - College Project

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    Hello Frnds,

    I am presenting my engineering final year project. It is a 12 volt DC hydraulic jack. This jack is made to lift light motor vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Its capacity can be increased by changing some parameters. The project consists of a 12 volt DC motor, a hydraulic pump, a control unit and other parts . The idea beyond the project is to replace conventional jack used in the vehicles with an automatic jack in order to reduce the physical effort required to lift the vehicle. The jack was made in 8th semester by me and working fine.

    This jack is useful in vehicles as well as in service stations. Installing this jack in a vehicles is better idea to reduce the last effort of putting the jack at right place for operation. Still I am working on the design for making it compact, light, & more useful in modern vehicles.

    Below is the link for the project-

    Video - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=gB3zmIKyBLA

    Design Related -

    Project Soft Copy - http://www.scribd.com/doc/100068612/Automatic-12-Volt-DC-Jack

    Images - http://www.scribd.com/doc/100068612/Automatic-12-Volt-DC-Jack







    For any technical information please feel free to contact me

    My Email - arpit.v@hotmail.co.in
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    that's very cool, I wish I was doing something that cool for my final project sniff.

    Did you guys put together all electrical parts from scratch as well?
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    What do you mean by scratch ?
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    "Scratch" means from the ground up, without pre-made parts. The term originated in the field of cooking. It's like when you make a cake using flour, baking powder, etc. rather than a boxed mix.
    That is indeed a cool project. I have only one concern, which I think might just be a matter of terminology. You're pretty specific about grounding the motor to the vehicle body. That's pretty optimistic. What with plastic parts, paint, undercoating and whatnot, it's increasing difficult to find a conductive area on a car. Even in my very old vehicles, I usually have to hook onto a suspension piece or engine bracket. It might be more practical to use twinned wire (like jumper cables) and just ground to the alternator mount in all cases. It would be heavier, but maybe worth it to avoid hassles. Just a thought.
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    New Updated Video Link -
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    No dear, grounding is not so difficult. Just only you need to change the terminals inside the motor. Brush connected to negative and positive are interchanged. Means You need to change the polarity inside the motor.
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    The video is pretty cool. Is that you working the switch?

    I hope that you realize that the foregoing quote makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
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    Thanks. No, that's not me working the switch. He is my friend (classmate) Abhishek Jain. I am facing the viva standing sideways with our HOD. Yes but the person dropping the jack is me.
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