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Courses Physics then Engineering or Engineering then Physics?

  1. Dec 27, 2017 #1
    I want to study for both Engineering and Physics degrees at some point throughout my academic career; I am having to choose what degree course I want to apply for by the 15th of January, the two courses that I am currently torn between are Physics and Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

    The idea being that I would do one first and then the other later for Graduate/Postgraduate study i.e Physics Undergrad then Engineering Masters for example

    My question is thus - which method has a higher probability of success? I have read through other forum posts that have said that it is easier to qualify for a Graduate education in Engineering with a degree in Physics rather than the other way around round, but of course I have heard the converse being argued also

    Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated

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    In my view, I would just narrow your field of study to what you want to do in the future.

    Why engineering ? are you wanting to be charted ? what career do you want to do ? Why have a physics and engineering degree ?

    There seems little point in doing both, not to mention the massive financial aspect.

    If you are wanting the do a Physics Bachelors then Engineering Masters. You will find it challenging as you would have not covered aspects like Finite Element, CAD design etc..

    Likewise with Physics, In engineering you would not go as deep into the theoretical side.
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