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Physics, where should one begin?

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    Hey this would be my first post so be gentle lol I have the hunger! But I don't have the slightest clue where to begin eating up physics. Is there any sites on the web that have some sort of heirarchy system of information to get someone like myself started in the world of physics? Free would be best of course lol

    I know a few things but I'd like to get to grips with basic equasions and rthe mathematical side as well as basic theory before I dive directly into using a few of my own exclusively.

    Thanks :)
    George M. Bryce
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    Describe your math skills, please.
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    I have a B in Maths Higher Education (SQA), that's about it academically but I am pretty fast at picking things up and putting it all to some use. I have a bit of experience working with and incorporating the golden section into different works (geometric designs). That's about it right now though so I'm urgently wanting to get to grasps with everything from the bottom up.
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    I'm sorry, but I've never heard of it and I cannot find it. What is SQA?
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    it stands for Scottish Qualifications Association or Authority, it's the education authority in Scotland I guess might be similar to GCSE's in England but don't quote me on that lol
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    Then I guess you are comfortable with calculus?
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