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Picking a career in a developing country

  1. Apr 15, 2013 #1
    Picking a career in a "developing country"

    I am a high school student in one of the "developing countries" and I am interested in majoring in one of the following subjects: Aerospace engineering ,materials science & eng or physics.In that order.
    First I want to make one thing clear. Even if i do study abroad i do want to eventually return to my country and work there.
    There are a couple of problems that I am facing:
    -Universities in my country do not offer degrees in 2/3 of the subjects
    There is a college for a physics degree , no college for aerospace engineering , and a college that offers separate degrees in polymer engineering and metallurgy (i will mention why this is a problem)
    -I am a middle class white male so i cannot afford studying abroad , nor i am someone that a university would consider exceptional and would give funding to.
    -There are NO jobs for aerospace engineers , for physicists 90% of the jobs are teaching positions in primary/high school (something i don't want to do) and others are meteorologists, and there are a decent amount of openings for metallurgists but no workplaces for polymer engineers and that is the part i am interested in. If we had a degree in materials science i would learn everything and be satisfied and then i would be able to work in metallurgy for a living.
    Keep in mind that with physics you cant get a job in industry here because even though you are a fast learner and good at problem solving they need someone with experience and that usually means someone with an EE or ME degree because they don't have the time or the money to teach you.
    So does anyone have any advice? What should i do? If anyone sees a way out of my situation that i haven't seen please tell me , it would be highly appreciated.
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  3. Apr 16, 2013 #2
    My advice for you is to go to these colleges and talk to professors and grad students, just go from door to door and talk, that will help you make your choice.
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