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Piezoelectric Actuator Cantilever Beam bending

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    I do not have much knowledge in piezoelectric, but all the piezoelectric I've read up on seems to only achieve maximum displacement in measurement values of microns. Is it even possible for some piezoelectric actuator to bend a 10 meter long cantilever beam up to 1 meter at its maximum displacement? Or do piezoelectric only have very small displacements?
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    They have very small displacements. You can use them in lever systems (or stepper motors or whatever) to get larger displacements of objects.
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    Piezoelectric acutuators have very small strains, they are useful for nanometer level adjustments because their strain is controlled via voltage which can be easier than other means at that level.

    Problem is, if you wanted a 1m displacement out of a PZ it would have to be hundreds of meters long, or you would have to use a very large lever (which would reduce net force proportionally).

    I think a piezoelectric is not a very good application for something like you're describing...
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