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I Pinwheels for Wind turbines? In class, pinwheels proved most

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    In class, of all the shapes we tested, the pinwheel won in the total amount of current and voltage, power generated. (used a regular fan and blew a bunch of different blade designs)

    Question is, why don't we see pinwheels designs for turbines?

    Where else can I look for turbines designs?

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    Pinwheels similar to the toys would be way too heavy. Inaddition, commercial turbines have low friction, so they can run faster - you get the same efficiency with a smaller number of slim blades, but slim blades can be made larger.
    Various books and publications should discuss all the different designs.
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    Which doesn't say much, just that your other shapes were even worse than a pin-wheel, for the given wind condition and gearing.
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