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Pion Photoproductions and kinetic energy of this pion

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    Hello, I'm new and I'm Italian.
    I write in English with the help of google translator. I'm looking for some answers, but I have not found anything, and nor in Italian nor English. I hope to receive help in this forum.

    the question:

    The pion photoproduction is possible, when the incident photon is very energetic (150 MeV). I want to know, what type of pion will be produced (with the photoproduction). There is a branching ratio?? a preference to produce positive or negative (±) or neutral pions?

    second question:

    if a high energy photon, hits a nucleon, How can I understand if a pion is produced, or for example, will produce a couple, electron-positron??

    third question:

    I would like to know the kinetic energy of the pion, produced by the mechanism of the photoproduction. How can I do?? Is there some formula?? For example, I know the formula to find the kinetic energy of pion, produced by the collision between a proton of a cosmic ray (with a minimum energy of 2 GeV) with a nucleon. But I believe that this formula, in this case, can not be used.

    Can you help me??


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    plese, help me...
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