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I Photoproduction of pions off protons

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    A meson can be produced by a high energy photon scattering off a nucleon in an interaction such as
    $$\gamma + p \rightarrow p + \pi^0$$
    As long as the photon is sufficiently energetic, mesons heavier than the pion can be produced, as well as multiple mesons such as ##\pi^{+} + \pi^{-}## provided the net charge of the mesons is zero.

    In reading about photoproduction, I've also see this interaction mentioned
    $$\gamma + p \rightarrow n + \pi^+$$
    but I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer for- In the second interaction what process allows a proton to be converted to a neutron?
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    In terms of the involved quarks, it is the same reaction (2*up, 1* down -> 2*up, 2*down, 1*anti-down), they just group differently into hadrons in the second reaction.
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    Thanks, that explains it perfectly.
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