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Piping Anchor Force due to Thermal Expansion

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    Hey guys,

    I've got an L-bend of pipe carrying hot water that I'm trying to analyze. I've been using the ASHRAE and MechE Handbook of Calculation methods to determine the forces on the anchors due to thermal expansion, but I'm arriving at very different numbers.

    Here are my specs:
    An 8" schedule 40 pipe contains 140°F Heating Hot Water. The system is filled with 50°F water during the summer. Guides are located 20 ft from an elbow. The pipe has a 200 ft long straight run into one side ofthe "L Bend", which is anchored at the opposite end. Determine any reacdon forces on the guide and anchor to be coordinated with the structural engineer.

    I was wondering if anyone with piping experience would be able to give me some better equations or possibly figure out where I'm going wrong.

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