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Pitch side bib what on Earth is that?

  1. May 20, 2009 #1
    Pitch side bib!! what on Earth is that??

    Pitch side bib!! what on Earth is that??
    Hey guys,

    I'm translating some stuff and I've recently stumbled upon something I can overgo and I've puzzling over for hours... The thing is "pitch side bib". Does anybody have a clue what it means? Or where I could find the meaning of that ****???

    Here you go with the context:


    Outside broadcast production sheets to be obtained from Production Company at least five working days prior to the event.

    These to include all details of production especially cameras positions, named pass list and number of pitch side bib requirements.

    Outside broadcast vehicles to be parked in outside vehicle parking enclosure by agreement with the Stadium Management Office. Any generators must be connected to the exhaust extract system.
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    Re: Pitch side bib!! what on Earth is that??

    I googled "what does the acronym bib stand for" and I think I can have a fair guess:
    BIB can stand for British interactive broadcasting so the number of pitch side bib requirements could refer to how many of these requirements cameras etc,will be needed close to the sports pitch.This is just a guess.
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    Re: Pitch side bib!! what on Earth is that??

    Awesome!!! Thanxxx a lot! In fact I've founf that BIB thingy too but it didn't come to my mind that it might stand for that! ;-)))

    Thanxxx a lot!!!
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